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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sail My Oceans-Day 1

Bravely I sat down, ready to tackle this project; and was brought to a screeching halt after a mere 1,498 words.  What, might you ask, caused my sudden stop?  My five year old.  In a way only kids can manage, he gouged a piece of his head out while supposedly sitting quietly and watching a movie on his personal dvd player.  For half an hour I washed blood off of his head while I tried to piece together his rendition of what happened.  I'm sad to say, I'm still not sure.

After medicating him with some children's tylenol, a stern talking to about whatever antics he'd been pulling, and a glass of Hi-C, I returned to writing.

At 2,030 words I was interrupted by my child again.  Have I mentioned this kid can play his sympathy card well?  With huge eyes he brought me one of our favorite books, "Runaway Bunny".  I, of course, being apparently easy to manipulate, read it to him.

At 3,148 words it was brought to my attention by my husband and five year old that dinner needed to be cooked.  During which my son decided that the skin on his sausages was poisonous and had thoroughly convinced himself that if he did eat it, he would promptly die.  He's been eating this same meal all his life, but today, he was certain, it would be the end of his existance.  My one year old, on the other hand, had decided the potatoes were boring, and that the sausage (which he can't even really chew well yet) was the ONLY thing he was going to eat...slowly.  After an hour I appointed my husband as Overseer of Eating.

So what did my final word count end up being upon midnight?  4,546 words!

Now granted, since it's finally quiet (everyone but the cats are in bed, and they are wisely occupied with a box in the living room) I'm going to type my little heart out as fast and furiously as I can before I face-plant from sheer exhaustion into the keyboard.  But it's after midnight...so that word count goes on tomorrows list!

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