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Friday, December 31, 2010

Sail My Oceans-Day 3

Well I'm glad to say that what I lost yesterday in productivity, I certainly made up or today.  Last we left off, my word count was at 6,807.  As usual, I cheated by staying up (because for some strange reason I manage to write better[*note* While writing this sentence I had to take a break and hobble to the bathroom in the pursuit of peroxide to tend to my foot.  The cats, in all their hyperactive midnight glory, ricochet under my desk and clawed my toe open.  I am, I'm sad to admit, allergic to cat scratches.  Anyways, as I was saying] at night when no one is awake.... Except, obviously, the cats.  I busted my butt after midnight last night to make up for lost time, and managed to be at 7,618 words before I headed for bed.

My morning was actually pretty uneventful.  My sons, for once, ate their lunches and played quietly throughout the day.  Their poor babysitter, (that friend who just loves my big screen TV), was put in quite a predicament today.  You know you have good friends when you suddenly pop into the living room at 8,478 words and say, "Get on your knees for me."

"Why?" was the hesitant reply.

"Because I'm writing a sex scene and I need to make sure my anatomy is accurate.  Now get on your knees so I can be certain a man your height will come to chest level on a woman my height."

I am pleased to say, I was correct in my assumptions.  Leaving my friend feeling most uncomfortable, I skipped back into my bedroom.  I promptly became stuck at 9,259 words.  I am not sure why, but something about sex scenes is just hard (yeah, yeah; go ahead and snicker) for me to write.  The act is natural enough, but something about putting every detail into words just trips me up.

I decided to walk away from it for a bit and made dinner early.  After dinner I curled up with my husband and watched Inception.  It was a strange movie, and the beginning was slightly hard to follow; but if you stick with it, the action and storyline end up keeping you glued to it.

Kids in bed, hubby in bed, ahhh time for work.  I am pleased to announce chapter three is now finished.

Final word count: 10,160

I'd say that's a damn good way to end 2010!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

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