D. F. Krieger

Friday, December 31, 2010

Sail My Oceans-Day 3

Well I'm glad to say that what I lost yesterday in productivity, I certainly made up or today.  Last we left off, my word count was at 6,807.  As usual, I cheated by staying up (because for some strange reason I manage to write better[*note* While writing this sentence I had to take a break and hobble to the bathroom in the pursuit of peroxide to tend to my foot.  The cats, in all their hyperactive midnight glory, ricochet under my desk and clawed my toe open.  I am, I'm sad to admit, allergic to cat scratches.  Anyways, as I was saying] at night when no one is awake.... Except, obviously, the cats.  I busted my butt after midnight last night to make up for lost time, and managed to be at 7,618 words before I headed for bed.

My morning was actually pretty uneventful.  My sons, for once, ate their lunches and played quietly throughout the day.  Their poor babysitter, (that friend who just loves my big screen TV), was put in quite a predicament today.  You know you have good friends when you suddenly pop into the living room at 8,478 words and say, "Get on your knees for me."

"Why?" was the hesitant reply.

"Because I'm writing a sex scene and I need to make sure my anatomy is accurate.  Now get on your knees so I can be certain a man your height will come to chest level on a woman my height."

I am pleased to say, I was correct in my assumptions.  Leaving my friend feeling most uncomfortable, I skipped back into my bedroom.  I promptly became stuck at 9,259 words.  I am not sure why, but something about sex scenes is just hard (yeah, yeah; go ahead and snicker) for me to write.  The act is natural enough, but something about putting every detail into words just trips me up.

I decided to walk away from it for a bit and made dinner early.  After dinner I curled up with my husband and watched Inception.  It was a strange movie, and the beginning was slightly hard to follow; but if you stick with it, the action and storyline end up keeping you glued to it.

Kids in bed, hubby in bed, ahhh time for work.  I am pleased to announce chapter three is now finished.

Final word count: 10,160

I'd say that's a damn good way to end 2010!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Sail My Oceans-Day 2

Where did we leave off?  Oh yes, 4,546 words.  As mentioned in yesterdays blog; even though I posted my word count for the day just after midnight, I was going to stay up and work some more.  That idea didn't work out quite so well. I was able to pound on the keyboard only for a short while before I started nodding off.  When I finally threw in the towel, I left off at 4,854 words.  Not my proudest moment.

I slept like the dead and, upon waking up, got my computer as quickly as I could.  I was inspired, motivated, and ready to rock and roll.  Today was my wedding anniversary with my husband, and I was getting Outback Steakhouse for dinner.  There was nothing that could ruin my day.  Not even when, at 5,138 words I had to threaten my 5 year old's life over eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (because today it was the sandwich that was out to kill him).  I ended up grounding him to his room; and spent a good deal of time contemplating grounding him there for the duration of this book.

At 6,364 words I was able to confidently draw chapter two to a close.  A close friend of mine, who happens to spend a lot of time in the living room using our big screen TV, was saddled with the task of babysitting the kids.  My husband, once home from work, was promptly drug out the door and straight to Outback Steakhouse in the name of our wedding anniversary.

My husband had bought me a beautiful ten gallon fishtank for Christmas.  I've always had fishtanks growing up, but when I moved here earlier this year, I was unable to bring my old ones with me.  We went to Petsmart where, with a broad smile on my face, I carefully chose my fish.  Of course I have to be difficult.

I'm a sucker for goldfish.  You know, those little ones that are thirteen cents, and there are about a gazillion of them packed in one tank.  Yeah, I chose one specific fish and pointed it out to my husband.  The clerk, amused by my husbands belief that he could catch it with no trouble, handed him the fish net and told him to "Have fun."  Mr. Krieger valiantly chased the fish down and, within moments, I had my prized tri-colored mini-koi, as well as some of it's tank mates, safely in a bag.  Add a corydora (albino of course), a golden dojo loach, and some mollies; and I was a happy girl.

Once we got settled in for the night, I tried typing away diligently at my computer...But between thinking about pirates for this new story, which in turn caused me to remember my new pretty fish, which in turn caused me to wander into the kitchen to stare at them in vast amusement... (To be fair, my cat and the kittens we are fostering for a local SPCA are enjoying staring at the tank far more then I)...Well let's just say I didn't get much done.

So what's today's ending word count?  6,807

But I promise I'll sit here and type for the next few hours to make up for all my fun!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sail My Oceans-Day 1

Bravely I sat down, ready to tackle this project; and was brought to a screeching halt after a mere 1,498 words.  What, might you ask, caused my sudden stop?  My five year old.  In a way only kids can manage, he gouged a piece of his head out while supposedly sitting quietly and watching a movie on his personal dvd player.  For half an hour I washed blood off of his head while I tried to piece together his rendition of what happened.  I'm sad to say, I'm still not sure.

After medicating him with some children's tylenol, a stern talking to about whatever antics he'd been pulling, and a glass of Hi-C, I returned to writing.

At 2,030 words I was interrupted by my child again.  Have I mentioned this kid can play his sympathy card well?  With huge eyes he brought me one of our favorite books, "Runaway Bunny".  I, of course, being apparently easy to manipulate, read it to him.

At 3,148 words it was brought to my attention by my husband and five year old that dinner needed to be cooked.  During which my son decided that the skin on his sausages was poisonous and had thoroughly convinced himself that if he did eat it, he would promptly die.  He's been eating this same meal all his life, but today, he was certain, it would be the end of his existance.  My one year old, on the other hand, had decided the potatoes were boring, and that the sausage (which he can't even really chew well yet) was the ONLY thing he was going to eat...slowly.  After an hour I appointed my husband as Overseer of Eating.

So what did my final word count end up being upon midnight?  4,546 words!

Now granted, since it's finally quiet (everyone but the cats are in bed, and they are wisely occupied with a box in the living room) I'm going to type my little heart out as fast and furiously as I can before I face-plant from sheer exhaustion into the keyboard.  But it's after midnight...so that word count goes on tomorrows list!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sail My Oceans

Like any good writer trying to break into the market, I've done my research on what sails *ahem*, I mean sells.  On some publishers webpage, located conveniently in the "Submissions" section; they often have a "Call for Submissions" outlining certain subjects they are really in the mood for.

Inspired by this knowledge, and a certain subject category, I've decided to try my hand at a pirate themed story I've lovingly dubbed, "Sail My Oceans".  This story, as per the outlined call, has to be between 18k and 30k words.  It is due by mid-January....AT THE LATEST.

What?!  MID-January?  She's crazy to attempt that, right?! 

The answer to that questions is yes, yes I am.  But I'm going to have some fun with such a task and enjoy seeing what fruits such a challenge will offer me.  So join me, if you will, as I give daily (maybe hourly depending on how ridiculously crazy things get here.  Can we say two kids and a house full of cats?) updates on progress and word count.  Maybe, just maybe, I'll even post an excerpt!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Panthers In the Playground

When a panther shows up during a police search for a missing boy, Dr. Zeara Faxfire is called in to analyze its strange behaviours.  Teamed up with her cat, Magic, and a too-hot detective named Jake; they must learn to see beyond science, and forget everything they ever knew about truth to help a little boy in need.


“A what?”  Zeara let out her breath in an explosion.  “You expect me to believe that?  A shape-shifter; that’s what you are saying right?  Do you realize how ridiculous you sound right now?”

“I’d rather sound ridiculous and be right, then be a conformist and turn my head to the obvious evidence and risk the life of a little boy.  Zeara, something happened.  Something is wrong.  Ricky is somewhere and needs our help; and what if he’s in the zoo right under our noses?  Go over the facts, think aloud and pretend, just for a moment, this is feasible to you.”

When she turned her face away, trying to school her temper, he crossed the few feet left between them and lifted her chin.  “Please, Zeara.”

She lifted her gaze to meet his, and realized how close their faces were.  The scent of his aftershave made her want to nuzzle his neck, to curl her fingers into buttocks that she was sure would be very firm and… She blinked, her tongue darting out to wet her lips, as she tried to center her thoughts.  Jake groaned softly and, before she could say a word, leaned forward, his lips meeting hers in a soft kiss.

~Excerpt from Panthers In the Playground, by D. F. Krieger

Social Media and Self Promoting

After researching several discussion boards and publisher's websites, I've had to face an ugly truth; writing is not for those that fear the public eye.  Darn near every blog, discussion board, and writer's/publisher's rant I've read has stated that a writer must have a social media or blog of their own.  Ouch!  Not what I wanted to hear.

Gone are my dreams of hiding in the glow of my computer while I dredge out novel after novel and miscellaneous articles.  Destroyed are my visions of keeping my private life and professional life completely separate.  It seems these days that editors even have a knack of googling submitters to get a feel for their personality.

So what's a girl to do when she has minimal publishing background (so far) and major publishing dreams?  Suck it up!  That's right, I've come out of the proverbial geek's basement and thrown the curtains back.  Here I am and though I've little to prove it yet, I've got tons to offer!

Statement of the day:  "If I don't write, the voices in my head won't shut up.  What am I suppose to do then, huh?!"