D. F. Krieger

Monday, January 31, 2011

Back To Front

My brain is burnt today. I just went and prepared my own tax returns, though the military had advertised they would be doing it for us. Yeah, their version of doing it for us is, "Here's a computer, have at it." Yeehaw! I love your ideals, Military. At least we're getting a really decent return back! And my mother was an accountant so I was raised with the belief that I should know how to do my own taxes (which didn't come up until I was 20 and whining on her doorstep to do them for me because I didn't know how. Something about showing up on April 1st triggered a stern talking to.)

Anyways, now that it's done, I'm able to set that information and stress to the side until this time next year. Then I have to deal with the whole mess again. It got me to thinking, also, about my many projects. Once I get done, how am I going to choose what to write on next?

You see, this question is actually valid right now considering I'm setting Panthers to the side. I'm getting very frustrated with it and, if I don't do something and fast, I'm going to get burnt out on writing. I don't want that! I didn't get to write for years, so being able to sit at home and dedicate my time to it now is a dream come true. I'd rather not turn that dream into a nightmare.

The best thing to do, I've realized, is to push Panthers on the back burner and let it simmer while I play with something else. How do I choose that, though? Do I just close my eyes, spin a circle, and point? I'm not really keen on my husband putting pieces of paper with various projects in a fedora again. It helped me get the project at the time done, but my heart wasn't necessarily in it. It was just a 'get it done, get it done, get it done' mentality.

I suppose I should stick to that word I keep repeating like a parrot with a limited IQ; Deadlines. It would be in my best interest to go through my planner and the "Little Black Book" for what's due and what I know I can write for it.

Speaking of, I came up with a wicked idea for the Shamrock Challenge...... Yeah, a deer and a wolf would work out awesome for -What? Oh yeah, blogging, new ideas and projects. Hey uh, since we happen to be on the subject of projects, I have one that just popped into my head. If you don't mind, I'll be in my Cave of Creativity ~ D. F. Krieger

PS- I also want to give a shout out to everyone who visited my blog during Six Sentence Sunday. Thanks for all the great comments and for all the posts the other writers put up!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Greetings! Last time you visited, I had an excerpt from Wings of Obsidian.  Since everyone seemed to like it so much, I thought I'd post another. I've only written 5 chapters thus far, so it'll be the last excerpt for a little while, but I promise I'll still have good things next week.

A quick note: Lilly is a two year old girl who, though found in a human village, is obviously of dragon descent. It was Thenios (our sexy black dragon who can take human form) who found her and brought her to his weyr. Lisandra (who was in last weeks post) is Lilly's 'mother'.

Lilly snuggled the pony and smiled at him.  “What name?”
He started at the question.  “Thenios,” he said, deciding to give her his personal name.
She frowned, uncertain how to pronounce it.  Suddenly with a serious look on her face she pointed at him and said, “Da.”
“Da?”  He felt the color drain from his face.

Hope you enjoyed this!  To read more wonderful entries, click: Six Sentence Sunday

~ D. F. Krieger

Friday, January 28, 2011

System Overload!

Today is a perfect day for me to blog about this topic because I'm currently experiencing it.  Right now I'm in the middle of four crits, the Shamrock Challenge, editing Panthers In the Playground, writing Wings of Obsidian, and all kinds of other normal routine home-making stuff.  By the way, I hate laundry. Is it sad I'd rather clean a cat litter box then fold laundry? Anyways, back to the point.

How do you chose what goes to the backburner?

I'll give you a hint, it ties in with last weeks topic.  Yup, you got it! Deadlines.  Obviously things with deadlines are going to take a little precedence.  The crits I'm working on are all due back by Sunday. My weekend is booked (my PS3 has accused me of cheating on it, so I need to soothe it's feelings. Not to mention my cross-stitching has blackmailed a movie day from me. Damn needy things!) so today is my only day to really sit down and give the critiques the attention they deserve.

The Shamrock Challenge isn't even accepting submissions until February 14th, and doesn't close until March 17th.  So that project, for the moment, can kind of shimmy half-way to the back burner. I won't be able to put it off for much longer, but I'm pretty sure if I start writing on it on February 1st I'll be in good shape.

As for Panthers and Obsidian, well I understand those are personal projects and don't exactly have a deadline.  But that brings me to my previous post, Help Yourself. It is one of my goals to get Panthers accepted for publishing this year. Therefor it is the project I'm concentrating on the most when it comes to having it critiqued and doing edits to.  Obsidian, on the other hand, is for those days that Panthers is out of my hands (aka I'm waiting on a crit) and I really, really need to write.  I see a lot of potential in both stories, but in all fairness, Panthers was done first.

Funny story that.  My husband solved the issue when I had three stories vying for attention, but didn't know which one to buckle down and work on.  He literally set it up so that I drew it out of a hat, a fedora to be precise. Panthers it was.  My third story, Stratian Rose, is a sci-fi and a little more complicated in world building, so it's been shoved waaay back on the burner.

Anything else that pops up and demands to be written get's promptly told to take a number, enter it's basic information in my little black book, and politely pointed in the direction of the waiting room.

How do you guys prevent system overload? ~ D. F. Krieger

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Right Time Writing

Plans never go they way you expect them to.  I was going to write you a beautiful post on scheduling writing time; but after the week I've had...Let's just say I tossed that to the side.  I'm suppose to be on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday gig here, but that didn't exactly happen.  A nasty little flu on Monday did.

So instead of being a hypocrite (yeah, I've been getting nothing but flack from that new planner about how I abandoned it Monday.  After all, why did I bother getting in a relationship with it if I wasn't going to even listen to it?!  I believe I'm going to name my planner something crude and derogatory), I thought I might tell you a little about how my writing schedule goes and my work environment.

I do my best work in the evenings, after the kids have gone to bed.  Sometimes I can eek out a couple of hours work if I do it directly after lunch.  Put the 1 year old down for a nap, throw the TV on a channel that we agree on for the 5 year old, and sneak into my room.  It seems like if you stress that you are going to work, the kids will always find a reason to come be with you.  Don't even get me started on the cats!

Also, getting any work down between 4 in the afternoon until 8:30 is a long shot.  I only get blessed like that on the days my husband knows I'll start committing death glares over minor offenses because I'm frustrated and need to write.  My husband generally goes to bed around 10 pm (yay 3 a.m. work schedule! *insert sarcastic voice here*) so I usually manage about 2k words once everything is settled.

Honestly between being sick and edits (Oh My Goddess the EDITS), I haven't even started writing anything new.  I still plan on doing Changeling Press' Shamrock Challenge .  I'm hashing out a few ideas. 

And for those of you wondering about Mcbeth, he is slowly doing better.  He hides in the bedroom with me and, as of yesterday, has claimed the laundry basket that sits next to my computer desk as his spot.  He's better about actually asking for pets now and even startled me this morning by grabbing my wrist to drag it down and clean it.

Slowly but surely, we're both making steps forward ~ D. F. Krieger

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Greetings!  I'm new to SSS, so bear with me.  This is an excerpt from a WIP called, Wings of Obsidian.  I'm only five chapters (about 13k words) in. 

             Lisandra nodded mutely and, as he shifted to dragon form, Thenios watched her visibly will herself to stand still.  He thought about having her climb atop him, but he feared that in her present state she would lose her grip and plummet to her death.  No, it would be safer to carry her down to the entries below.  She flinched when he closed his talons around her, her body shaking in fear, but made no move to fight back.
            “To Lilly,” she whispered over and over, a mantra so soft he almost didn’t hear it.
            “Yes, to Lilly.”  He voiced the reassurance just before he launched them off the ledge

Dragons who can take on human form?  Yeah, we've got that!  Hope you enjoyed this little glance into my world!  ~ D. F. Krieger 

PS- There is a link on the side to return to SSS and view the other AWESOME writers!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Help Yourself

A thousand different projects vie for your attention.  You sit down at the computer hoping to spit something, anything, out and work it til completion...but nothing comes.  Why?  There's a ton of ideas screaming for attention.  Ah, but that is the problem right there.

The mind can only concentrate on so many things.  For many people it must be leashed, directed, commanded.  In order to do anything efficiently, it is best to at least know what you are trying to accomplish to begin with.  This is where you, Oh Mighty Owner of Your Mind, need to lay down some rules!

It's easy enough to work your rear off if you know you have a deadline.  The sad truth is that most of us honestly work better if we have a deadline.  But what about your personal projects that you are doing for yourself?  That novel of your heart that you want to write?  That short story that popped in your head and plagues you day and night?  Often these projects get left by the wayside because they have no way to force themselves into becoming reality.

Here are some handy rules for bringing those projects to life:

1: Create self-imposed deadlines for personal projects.  Treat them as if they were deadlines given to you by the all important publisher.

2: Learn to line up your projects from most important to least important. If it was one of your New Year's resolutions to get published this year, finishing that novel really should go on the top of your 'to do' list.

3: You remember that handy planner I talked about last time?  Yeah, it's useful for implementing when, and what, you are going to work on when you have time to write.

4: Recognize, and grab, opportunities to write when you see them.  A five minute outline can help a novel catapult form a niggling idea into a full scale project.

5: You hear this all the time, but you hear just as many people whining that they can't.  MAKE time to write.  Often, it's not that people don't have the time, it's that they spend it unwisely.  You know that 30 minutes you spent on Farmville?  That was 30 minutes you could have been writing.

Remember too, all the tips in the world can't help you if you've no mind to enforce them yourself.  As my mother always said, "You can't help those that won't help themselves".  ~ D. F. Krieger

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Managing Deadlines

Hey, you've got a project with a deadline tomorrow that's fifteen thousand words.  Oh, and don't forget the one in two days that is another twenty-one thousand. You say you can't get them done in time, but you just wrote them in me yesterday. If you put them in me, you must be able to do them. Eh, not my problem.


Your Planner

Does this sound like you?  I sure hope not.  It does bring up two very good points I'd like to go over today.  Ever heard of biting off more than you can chew? Yep, that would be point number one.  Point number two?  We'll get to that in a minute.

Biting off more than you can chew is a common concept.  We hear about it all the time, but how many of us apply it to ourselves?  Some writers find submission calls and throw themselves into proposals without really thinking about their limits.  Do you work?  Do you have kids?  Do you participate in activities that keep you busy until two hours til midnight?  Then you, my friend, are not likely going to be able to accomplish writing a twenty thousand word novella in 8 days.

We all want as many options as available to make our way in life, but we have to start by knowing our limits.  If we know the best we can do is two thousand words a day, DON'T take that submission call that wants a 25k novella by Friday, and today is Wednesday.  You can't do it.  It's not because something is wrong with you; we all have our own pace.  But you're setting yourself up for failure, and that can lead to some latent self-esteem issues down the road.  Don't be that guy.

Be smart, know your limits and then choose what you are going to aim for based on them.  You can do two thousand words a day?  Great!  Find a project that doesn't have a deadline for another month or so.  Be certain you stick with it and don't wait til the last minute to work on it.  Plan for a set writing time every day; which brings us to point number two.

Your Planner.  It can be your best friend, or your worst enemy.  It isn't responsible for what you put in it, and it can't force you to pick it up and show it some love.  It can, however, help you pace yourself.  Get a planner, use it, and for the love of all, please pick it up once a day.  Flip through several pages to get a feel for upcoming projects and whether or not your still on track.  If you don't think you can cope with the responsibilities of a physical planner, there are plenty of virtual ones out there just waiting to be adopted.

Is there something else you use to organize your deadlines?  Please, leave a comment and share your wisdom with us! ~ D. F. Krieger

Monday, January 17, 2011

Dead Misconception

Deadlines! We've all heard about them, and most of us have had them.  There is one thing most people don't understand about deadlines that can stop them dead in their tracks (sorry, had to pun it!)...When something is due.  That's right, due is not the same as dead.

Take publishing companies for example (after all, this is a blog about writing); they have a call for submissions and it's deadline is on the 33rd of Cantremember.  You've wrote your killer story, checked it over and over, had critique partners check it over and over too, and it's been pronounced done.  The most amazing story ever is ready for submission by the 21st, but you hold on to it.

Wait, what?  Why?

Well, the deadline is on the 33...Today is only the 21st.


No!  BAD!

That's the problem though, that's what most people do.  They seem to believe that 'deadline' equates 'turn in date'.  This isn't true in the slightest.  It's so untrue, in fact, that several publishers have even been tagging the submission deadline with "Earlier submissions preferred".

So what is a deadline if its not the due date?

Think of a deadline like this; it is the marker for the point of no return.  If you do not get your submission in their grasp by that time, you might as well move along sonny.  The deadline should be treated as the last possible moment to submit; not THE moment to submit.  If your manuscript is ready on the 21st, then by golly, send it in!  It'll get you brownie points for one thing, not to mention if something unexpected happens that keeps you too busy on the 33rd, at least you'll know it's done.  If you are having trouble meeting deadlines, no matter how much time and effort you put into a project, then you need to reorganize.  But that is a post for a later date.

So kiddies, keep this mantra in your head "You should submit before it is due or it'll be dead".

~ D. F. Krieger

Friday, January 14, 2011

Virtual versus Tangible

E-books are all the fad right now; from Nook to Kindle to E-reader.  Not only are they popular, but the publishing companies who specialize in their formatting are rising steadily in sales despite the economy.  I don't want to talk about how well it's selling though, we can get those facts from any regular article.  I want to talk about something completely different; the emotions surrounding them.

Why are people attracting to e-books?  That is something that I pondered over while I played with my husband's Nook. The only thing I found intriguing on the device was playing round after round of Sudoku.  I did recently read a couple of books on it, and I was pleased with the stories, but I didn't see the appeal still.  So I went to the source in my house and proceeded to extract information from him.

My husband takes his Nook to work with him daily.  He's in the military, but between watch shifts he gets a decent amount of downtime.  During this downtime, he likes to read.  (Yes, I'm very aware how lucky I am to have a book worm for a husband!)  When I asked him once why the Nook and not just a book, he pointed out that not every book fits in those pants with the many pockets he has to wear.  I hate washing those pants!  There's always a pocket in those fatigues that I forget to check and it ALWAYS seems to have a pen stashed in it.  Any way, back to the point; the Nook is small enough it fits and gives him a great amount of convenience.  I suppose I understand.

I guess my hesitance in throwing myself head over heels into endorsing the e-books has nothing to do with the books size, cover, etc.  It is something so much more out-dated then that.  I have several books on my shelves that have a special inking inside the front cover that warms my heart when I look upon it...A signature.  A genuine author's signature.  It may be silly, but having a book signed by the writer just means the world to me.  And I don't care who you are, or what you write; you sign it for me and I'll keep that sucker FOREVER.

Now, I admit, I'm not sure if they've found some way to sign virtual books.  It seems possible considering there are so many other things you can 'virtually sign'.  I know we did it for our federal tax returns last year.  But it just doesn't feel the same to me.  Honestly it feels more like a cheap imitation. 

I do like that a lot of e-publisher's also offer printed books.  The solution to my personal dilemma is pretty obvious.  When I find out about a book signing, even if I bought the e-book, I should always be certain to attend to get that extra special paperback.  I pray publishers never eradicate tangible books completely, or I am certain I'll be stalking quite a few authors with a piece of paper until I get their signature!

~ D. F. Krieger

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Its A Trap!

I have milled about uselessly today, wondering where my ambition has gone.  I checked for it in all the normal places (i.e.-fridge, shower, planner) but it was no where to be found.  That's when I realized it took a hike; and I'm the one who sent it packing.

Sending that submission yesterday was a trap!  I have no one to blame but myself.  I set the trap, placed the bait, and then ambled straight into it.  How you ask?  Yeah...about that.  Apparently I have developed a bad habit of holding my theoretical breath when I send things in for consideration.  I get myself so worked up that I render myself useless.  Here is the thought process:

What if they don't accept it?  Does the rejection mean that my voice is so pitiful I need to give up writing?

Once I squash that down and give myself a stern talking to; the thought changes to this:

What if they make so many changes that anything I write while I'm waiting becomes useless?

I reached a new understanding about 10 minutes ago that I'd like to share due to the new cat.  Kenobie (yes he's finally here), who has been renamed Macbeth has already taught me something about myself in the twelve hours he's been in my life.  Macbeth isn't influenced by the other cats, nor the relationships I have with them.  He is himself, and needs to be worked with on his own standards.  And what I do with him, in turn, doesn't really affect the other cats.  This has brought me to the following conclusion:

There is nothing keeping me from writing something completely different from, Sail My Oceans.  The publishing company can make all the changes they want, but if I write another story that is a completely different storyline (I've been toying with a Dragon Fantasy Romance), their changes won't affect anything BUT the story they are looking at.  I can still be creative, I can still write, and I don't have to stress about whether I need to change any pivotal plot points.  Sail My Oceans has no bearing on, say, Wings of Obsidian.  So its time I quit the fretting and get to work on one of the other books calling to be written.

"When our actions do not,
Our fears do make us traitors" -Shakespeare's Macbeth

Monday, January 10, 2011

Submission Sickness

It happened.  Today was the day, and I was so frightened I became darn near sick.  There was nothing left to hold me back.  The story had been checked, checked again, checked some more, and edited by several critique partners.  When both I, and they, couldn't find anything else to label the story as unworthy yet for submission, I panicked.

You see, I'm one of those people that I'll write all the live long day.  I've been published before; but somehow magazines (though reputable) just don't have the same mystique as a PUBLISHER.  Yes, it must be capitalized because it is akin to an entity in the eyes of all writers; especially aspiring writers.

Published; it's a wish whispered only to the darkest nights, in a moment tempered with desire and pure emotion.  We need it to happen like a laboring woman must give birth.  It hurts, it's frightening, we may go through several false starts; but on that day it finally occurs, it has changed us forever.  It may not be physical, but the emotions are there.  And once you've had it happen the first time, each time is easier and easier; less frightening as it looms up.

You can always tell the veterans in a room full of writers, much like in a room full of expecting mothers. Those that sit there with passive faces, reflecting on their own trials, their own labor of love.  Then there are the newcomers to this lifestyle, that fidget nervously and glance about with wide and frightened eyes.  We need you, veterans, to smile at us with encouragement and give us hope that we can be like you some day; sitting in a room with calm focus.

So today I composed my e-mail, checked over and over my spelling and presentation, and pressed the 'Send' button.  Okay, so honestly I cowered away at the last minute and begged my husband to do it while I covered my eyes.  But either way, my shoulders slumped when it was over.  Its a relief to know it's now out of my hands.  Oh, I'll probably pace restlessly for days, praying I don't receive an outright rejection.  I can guarantee one thing; no matter the outcome, I will see it as a learning experience and continue to forge ahead.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ourselves or Someone Like Us

A lot of authors that blog have been talking lately about the process of finding an "Author Brand".  The first time I saw it, I was a bit worried.  Social media was a big step for me; and now you people are saying I need a brand?  It doesn't include hot irons and my initials I hope!  With a little wariness (okay, more than a little) I read several of them, and was transported back to my high school days.  Freaky, huh?  Let me explain.

Back in high school I was actively involved with the newspaper.  I was the lead editor and wrote quite a few articles.  I wasn't satisfied with writing about the latest basketball game or upcoming FFA activities.  I wanted to go beyond that.  With my teacher's blessing who happened to oversee the newspaper (thank you Mrs. Coker!), I created a controversial column under a pen name.  No, I'm not just blabbing on about 'back in the day'; this does have a point.

I wrote an article titled, "Ourselves or Someone Like Us".  It talked about the idea that social expectations of what we should be often shape our outer selves, but is it who we really are?  And is it because we see ourselves in a certain role that we tend to mimic its stereotypes?

Many of the bloggers speak of the layers that make up that which is 'us'.  Each one is different, but no less genuine.  A perfect example is myself.  I'm a gamer girl.  I love playing video games; from Horse Saga on Facebook, to White Knight Chronicles on the PS3, to Grand Fantasia on my laptop.  I probably dedicate at least one day a week to JUST gaming.  This doesn't have any relation to the fact that I'm also an animal enthusiast.  I volunteer at the local SPCA, have worked for rescues for over ten years, and write articles on how to improve animal behaviors.  The two facets of me don't correspond, but they are still genuine and I get recognized in both environments.  I just don't get recognized as "Farah" when I walk in to the SPCA, nor did I get known by my real name when I'm ingame.

Choosing your 'Author Brand' works on the same basic principles.  I'm neither the gamer, nor the animal enthusiast when I write fiction.  I'm D. F. Krieger, the (wanna-be) author.

It's been years since I wrote, "Ourselves or Someone Like Us"; but what sticks out the most about it is that six years after I'd graduated high school, I met a new girl in college and became friends with her.  We'd attended the same high school, though she'd been a freshman when I was a senior.  One day I visited her house, and was amazed at what I found on her bedroom wall; my article, carefully laminated and hung.

Now, reading all these blogs and that memory has inspired me.  Yes, it's been years since I wrote the article but I'm sure I could write it again.  With luck, I may get it published in a magazine directed at teens.  It wouldn't hurt to make them stop and think again...except this time I'll do it under my real name.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Simple Proofreading Tips

http://www.sellingbooks.com/simple-proofreading-tips  Here is some really good proofreading tips!

Sail My Oceans-Day 8

I've been on a writing high today it seems.  As if driven on by my deadline goal, I was able to sit at the computer and write ceaselessly today.  Well, okay so not ceaselessly.  I did do some tweaking to my blog and added a Free Reads section.  I also, apparently, have become addicted to Twitter.  My first few days, I didn't see the glory of it.  Now that I'm having four way chats with other authors about playing D n D (a favorite pastime of mine)...Well let's just say time flies when you're having fun chatting.

My last word count was at 17,348.  I typed my little heart out, with very few interruptions (the kids were scary cooperative today which means, I just know, all hell is going to break loose tomorrow).  Fortunately, this means I got a ton done.  Unfortunately, it means I don't really have any tales to regale you with.  So I'll make this quick!

Total Word Count: 21,267

I wrote 3,919 words today!  And the best part?  Sail My Oceans is DONE!!!

Well for now...Obviously I'll be doing edits before it goes into the cyberspace for strategic submission purposes.  I may, or may not, be blogging tomorrow.  It is in my schedule to do some serious gaming.  Grand Fantasia (c) Aeria Games, here I come!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sail My Oceans-Day 7

Despite my enthusiasm today, I wasn't able to achieve near the writing I'd hoped to accomplish.  Our last count was at 15,798.  I wrote diligently, banging away on the keyboard like my life depended on it and...got stuck at 15,976.  No, it wasn't a sex scene.

You see, I'm on of those people that I can clearly see point A, B, and C.  I have trouble, however, fleshing out the details of getting from each point at times.  I believe the phrase is called "Writer's Block".  I know, it's a frightening mental disease that affects more than half the writing populace at any one time.  I was a victim today.  I am proud to say, I found the road to recovery within hours.

Generally, when I write, I am considered a 'panster'.  This means I don't have a plan; I just sit down and go.  This is most true when it comes to my blog.  I don't plan what I'm going to write here.  I simply sit down and write.  But today I realized it wasn't working for me.  I knew I needed to do something, and fast.  I'm well aware of the fact that time is ticking and I have to get this done.

Here are the two ways I beat my Writer's Block today.

1) I created outline bubbles.  For each major plot in Chapter 6 I made a bubble, then off-shooting bubbles contained ideas of characters thoughts, dialogues, or actions.  Maybe even scenery.

When that still didn't solve the issue completely I used the next gun in my arsenal.

2) Jumping forward and writing what I did know.  Sometimes, probably more than I know, this is frowned upon; but it worked for me!  This is where you write ahead of where you are in the story, then come back later and fill in the gaps.

Pleased at getting over my hump, I wrote on.  Sadly, I got distracted quite a bit tonight.  I was waiting on a phone call most of the day that never came.  The shelter I'm adopting Kenobi from currently can't seem to get ahold of the woman who is fostering him.  This worries me because I know she is suppose to be moving and the deadline was today.  I hope (pray) that I receive a phone call from her tomorrow arranging his new arrival into our home.

There was also the matter of normal housework that needed to be tended to.  In the past six days I've done little in the way of laundry or dusting.  When I woke up this morning it grated on my nerves.  Almost wild with the need to clean it all up, I went into a cleaning frenzy.  My husband, promising to keep an eye on the dryer, manage to pry the clorox wipes from my hand and shove me at my computer.

Anyways, beyond all that, I still got over 1,500 words wrote today.  I plan on actually getting up early tomorrow and sending a prayer to the creativity gods (maybe even burn some incense and play Depeche Mode) for a serious lack of the condition of Writer's Block and a surge in my productivity.

Total Word Count:  17,348

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sail My Oceans-Day 6

We're expecting Kenobi to come live with us tomorrow.  I'm still needing suggestions for names!

Okay, back to our original reason for this blog.

We left off at 14,011 yesterday.  My husband, ever conscientious of my need to write and the pressing deadline, was kind enough to take care of the kids after I cooked dinner.  I typed my little heart away, working doggedly through the second sex scene in the book.  For some reason it was easier this time.  I think it is because I'm starting to lose some of my 'inhibitions' about what I'm writing.

I came from a fairly conservative background.  Sex, though not a bad word, was definitely not something that was openly discussed.  It was also something one did not read about in graphic detail.  So to write these novels, I've had to come to terms with my own raising.  I've learned two valuable lessons in these past six days:

1) I am an adult and should not be ashamed to write about sex. 

2) I should not be ashamed to ADMIT that I write about sex.

Though my writing time didn't get started until well after 8 p.m., I still managed to get a fair amount done.  Granted, tomorrow I'm going to darn near chain myself to my computer (can anyone else here the mental whips in my head cracking?!?).  I'm so close to writing "The End" I can taste it!

Now before I post the total word count, I want you to understand that about an hour or so of my writing time was applied to going back and correcting obvious errors; i.e. - words left out, too much usage of the words "he/she" versus names (I'd like to thank my crit partner for bringing it to my attention that I have a bad habit of doing that one!)...

Total word count: 15,798

Monday, January 3, 2011

The 10 Mistakes

http://www.holtuncensored.com/hu/the-ten-mistakes/  Here is a list of ten mistakes that writers commonly make.  It has some really good advice and I recommend it to anyone interested in writing!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sail My Oceans-Day 5

Blah!  That's the only word that can describe today.  I knew the porkchop was dangerous.  I knew better than eat it, but eat it I did.  I paid for it all night and through most of the day.  It sucks being allergic to pork.  I can usually swing it.  Cover it in shake 'n bake, split it with my five year old, and dine with pleasure.  Sans shake 'n bake, or splitting it with my son, and I won a valuable lesson.  Never again porkchop!  I loathe thee!

Yes, this does mean I've been sick all bloody day.  Unfortunately it means I didn't write much.  I tried, I really did.  But when your stomach is rolling every which way, and you are clinging to your bed like it's the only piece of safe flotsam on a stormy sea...Yeah, creativity is at an all time low. Especially when I have trouble writing sex scenes anyways.  I don't think people want the story to read, "As he pushed her against a wall, forcing her mouth in a kiss, she doubled up her fist and blackened his eye!"

Funny?  I think so.  Something that will sell to a romantic/erotic publishing company?  Eh, not so much.

My last word count was at 13,005.  I managed to write about a 1,000 words before I've decided to throw in the towel and curl up with my husband.  I'm keeping my sanity by soothing myself that I'm ahead of schedule and I can still get this done as long as I'm productive tomorrow.

Final word count: 14,011

Sail My Oceans-Day 4

I got a late start today.  It wasn't the wine, the woman, nor the dancing (because believe me, none of that went on).  I just could not wake up this morning.  Maybe it was because I stayed up late last night reading? Naaah!  So, anyways, we left off at 10,160 right?

I'm sorry to say I didn't even start writing today until well after five in the afternoon.  Why wasn't I chained to my computer, you say?  What could possibly have been more important than finishing this story whose deadline is clicking closer every moment?  Well that's easy...

First I spent the day blog hopping.  Blog hopping is simple!  It's a series of blogs, in this case shared by authors who belong to the same group, that are interconnected.  You visit a blog, read it, and then move on to the next.  With this particular blog, each author was given the same picture and told to write their own version of a story about it.  It was very interesting to see the varieties that were posted.  Couple that with the prizes being offered, and I was happy to apply an hour or so reading over each and every blog.  There's still time left if you want to join!  Go to http://justromance.me/

When I was done with that, I got right to work writing, right?  Wrong!

You see, I'm a sucker for animal rescue.  I've worked animal rescue for years.  As a matter of fact, come this April, I will have officially been involved in rescue for 11 years.  Now, knowing that fact, you won't be surprised when I spent a couple of hours tracking down more information about a Russian Blue cat that desperately needed a home.  Now, now, before you start offering me unwanted pets of yours, understand I'd been looking for a Russian Blue for quite some time.  This particular Blue, whose name is currently Kenobi (that will not stay, I promise you!) has had a very rough start in life.  To put it lightly, he does not really trust people.  Ah, my kind of cat.  Anyone who knows me can tell you right now, I have a way with cats.

I was able to finally track down who I needed to speak with about adopting him.  Within the next two days I will have a Russian Blue to love, whether he likes it or not.  Trust me, he will soon like it.  Anyone have any suggestions for names?  Feel free to leave it in a comment below!

My husband, after being bombarded on the phone with my wonderful news, came home and asked the dreaded question; "How much did you write today? "  Uh yeah...about that.

After dinner I was promptly shoved in my room and told to go write.  I love my husband when he plays manager! So from 5 to 9 I wrote, completely uninterrupted as my husband fielded our children.  I am pleased to say that chapter 4 is complete.  I also began writing the first few pages of chapter 5.

Total word count today: 13,005

Not bad for a late start, if I do say so myself!