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Monday, January 31, 2011

Back To Front

My brain is burnt today. I just went and prepared my own tax returns, though the military had advertised they would be doing it for us. Yeah, their version of doing it for us is, "Here's a computer, have at it." Yeehaw! I love your ideals, Military. At least we're getting a really decent return back! And my mother was an accountant so I was raised with the belief that I should know how to do my own taxes (which didn't come up until I was 20 and whining on her doorstep to do them for me because I didn't know how. Something about showing up on April 1st triggered a stern talking to.)

Anyways, now that it's done, I'm able to set that information and stress to the side until this time next year. Then I have to deal with the whole mess again. It got me to thinking, also, about my many projects. Once I get done, how am I going to choose what to write on next?

You see, this question is actually valid right now considering I'm setting Panthers to the side. I'm getting very frustrated with it and, if I don't do something and fast, I'm going to get burnt out on writing. I don't want that! I didn't get to write for years, so being able to sit at home and dedicate my time to it now is a dream come true. I'd rather not turn that dream into a nightmare.

The best thing to do, I've realized, is to push Panthers on the back burner and let it simmer while I play with something else. How do I choose that, though? Do I just close my eyes, spin a circle, and point? I'm not really keen on my husband putting pieces of paper with various projects in a fedora again. It helped me get the project at the time done, but my heart wasn't necessarily in it. It was just a 'get it done, get it done, get it done' mentality.

I suppose I should stick to that word I keep repeating like a parrot with a limited IQ; Deadlines. It would be in my best interest to go through my planner and the "Little Black Book" for what's due and what I know I can write for it.

Speaking of, I came up with a wicked idea for the Shamrock Challenge...... Yeah, a deer and a wolf would work out awesome for -What? Oh yeah, blogging, new ideas and projects. Hey uh, since we happen to be on the subject of projects, I have one that just popped into my head. If you don't mind, I'll be in my Cave of Creativity ~ D. F. Krieger

PS- I also want to give a shout out to everyone who visited my blog during Six Sentence Sunday. Thanks for all the great comments and for all the posts the other writers put up!

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