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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Its A Trap!

I have milled about uselessly today, wondering where my ambition has gone.  I checked for it in all the normal places (i.e.-fridge, shower, planner) but it was no where to be found.  That's when I realized it took a hike; and I'm the one who sent it packing.

Sending that submission yesterday was a trap!  I have no one to blame but myself.  I set the trap, placed the bait, and then ambled straight into it.  How you ask?  Yeah...about that.  Apparently I have developed a bad habit of holding my theoretical breath when I send things in for consideration.  I get myself so worked up that I render myself useless.  Here is the thought process:

What if they don't accept it?  Does the rejection mean that my voice is so pitiful I need to give up writing?

Once I squash that down and give myself a stern talking to; the thought changes to this:

What if they make so many changes that anything I write while I'm waiting becomes useless?

I reached a new understanding about 10 minutes ago that I'd like to share due to the new cat.  Kenobie (yes he's finally here), who has been renamed Macbeth has already taught me something about myself in the twelve hours he's been in my life.  Macbeth isn't influenced by the other cats, nor the relationships I have with them.  He is himself, and needs to be worked with on his own standards.  And what I do with him, in turn, doesn't really affect the other cats.  This has brought me to the following conclusion:

There is nothing keeping me from writing something completely different from, Sail My Oceans.  The publishing company can make all the changes they want, but if I write another story that is a completely different storyline (I've been toying with a Dragon Fantasy Romance), their changes won't affect anything BUT the story they are looking at.  I can still be creative, I can still write, and I don't have to stress about whether I need to change any pivotal plot points.  Sail My Oceans has no bearing on, say, Wings of Obsidian.  So its time I quit the fretting and get to work on one of the other books calling to be written.

"When our actions do not,
Our fears do make us traitors" -Shakespeare's Macbeth

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