D. F. Krieger

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Right Time Writing

Plans never go they way you expect them to.  I was going to write you a beautiful post on scheduling writing time; but after the week I've had...Let's just say I tossed that to the side.  I'm suppose to be on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday gig here, but that didn't exactly happen.  A nasty little flu on Monday did.

So instead of being a hypocrite (yeah, I've been getting nothing but flack from that new planner about how I abandoned it Monday.  After all, why did I bother getting in a relationship with it if I wasn't going to even listen to it?!  I believe I'm going to name my planner something crude and derogatory), I thought I might tell you a little about how my writing schedule goes and my work environment.

I do my best work in the evenings, after the kids have gone to bed.  Sometimes I can eek out a couple of hours work if I do it directly after lunch.  Put the 1 year old down for a nap, throw the TV on a channel that we agree on for the 5 year old, and sneak into my room.  It seems like if you stress that you are going to work, the kids will always find a reason to come be with you.  Don't even get me started on the cats!

Also, getting any work down between 4 in the afternoon until 8:30 is a long shot.  I only get blessed like that on the days my husband knows I'll start committing death glares over minor offenses because I'm frustrated and need to write.  My husband generally goes to bed around 10 pm (yay 3 a.m. work schedule! *insert sarcastic voice here*) so I usually manage about 2k words once everything is settled.

Honestly between being sick and edits (Oh My Goddess the EDITS), I haven't even started writing anything new.  I still plan on doing Changeling Press' Shamrock Challenge .  I'm hashing out a few ideas. 

And for those of you wondering about Mcbeth, he is slowly doing better.  He hides in the bedroom with me and, as of yesterday, has claimed the laundry basket that sits next to my computer desk as his spot.  He's better about actually asking for pets now and even startled me this morning by grabbing my wrist to drag it down and clean it.

Slowly but surely, we're both making steps forward ~ D. F. Krieger


alanarose said...

I'm glad you're feeling better and I know you're gonna put the smack down on those edits!

Rachel Firasek

D. F. Krieger said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Rachel!

Angelina Rain said...

I’m glad you’re feeling better. I can’t imagine writing in the evening. I’m usually mentally dead by then. Good luck with the Shamrock challenge.

D. F. Krieger said...

Out of curiosity Angela, when do you write? 0.o I swear I don't really 'wake up' til the sun sets!