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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sail My Oceans-Day 4

I got a late start today.  It wasn't the wine, the woman, nor the dancing (because believe me, none of that went on).  I just could not wake up this morning.  Maybe it was because I stayed up late last night reading? Naaah!  So, anyways, we left off at 10,160 right?

I'm sorry to say I didn't even start writing today until well after five in the afternoon.  Why wasn't I chained to my computer, you say?  What could possibly have been more important than finishing this story whose deadline is clicking closer every moment?  Well that's easy...

First I spent the day blog hopping.  Blog hopping is simple!  It's a series of blogs, in this case shared by authors who belong to the same group, that are interconnected.  You visit a blog, read it, and then move on to the next.  With this particular blog, each author was given the same picture and told to write their own version of a story about it.  It was very interesting to see the varieties that were posted.  Couple that with the prizes being offered, and I was happy to apply an hour or so reading over each and every blog.  There's still time left if you want to join!  Go to http://justromance.me/

When I was done with that, I got right to work writing, right?  Wrong!

You see, I'm a sucker for animal rescue.  I've worked animal rescue for years.  As a matter of fact, come this April, I will have officially been involved in rescue for 11 years.  Now, knowing that fact, you won't be surprised when I spent a couple of hours tracking down more information about a Russian Blue cat that desperately needed a home.  Now, now, before you start offering me unwanted pets of yours, understand I'd been looking for a Russian Blue for quite some time.  This particular Blue, whose name is currently Kenobi (that will not stay, I promise you!) has had a very rough start in life.  To put it lightly, he does not really trust people.  Ah, my kind of cat.  Anyone who knows me can tell you right now, I have a way with cats.

I was able to finally track down who I needed to speak with about adopting him.  Within the next two days I will have a Russian Blue to love, whether he likes it or not.  Trust me, he will soon like it.  Anyone have any suggestions for names?  Feel free to leave it in a comment below!

My husband, after being bombarded on the phone with my wonderful news, came home and asked the dreaded question; "How much did you write today? "  Uh yeah...about that.

After dinner I was promptly shoved in my room and told to go write.  I love my husband when he plays manager! So from 5 to 9 I wrote, completely uninterrupted as my husband fielded our children.  I am pleased to say that chapter 4 is complete.  I also began writing the first few pages of chapter 5.

Total word count today: 13,005

Not bad for a late start, if I do say so myself!

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