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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sail My Oceans-Day 7

Despite my enthusiasm today, I wasn't able to achieve near the writing I'd hoped to accomplish.  Our last count was at 15,798.  I wrote diligently, banging away on the keyboard like my life depended on it and...got stuck at 15,976.  No, it wasn't a sex scene.

You see, I'm on of those people that I can clearly see point A, B, and C.  I have trouble, however, fleshing out the details of getting from each point at times.  I believe the phrase is called "Writer's Block".  I know, it's a frightening mental disease that affects more than half the writing populace at any one time.  I was a victim today.  I am proud to say, I found the road to recovery within hours.

Generally, when I write, I am considered a 'panster'.  This means I don't have a plan; I just sit down and go.  This is most true when it comes to my blog.  I don't plan what I'm going to write here.  I simply sit down and write.  But today I realized it wasn't working for me.  I knew I needed to do something, and fast.  I'm well aware of the fact that time is ticking and I have to get this done.

Here are the two ways I beat my Writer's Block today.

1) I created outline bubbles.  For each major plot in Chapter 6 I made a bubble, then off-shooting bubbles contained ideas of characters thoughts, dialogues, or actions.  Maybe even scenery.

When that still didn't solve the issue completely I used the next gun in my arsenal.

2) Jumping forward and writing what I did know.  Sometimes, probably more than I know, this is frowned upon; but it worked for me!  This is where you write ahead of where you are in the story, then come back later and fill in the gaps.

Pleased at getting over my hump, I wrote on.  Sadly, I got distracted quite a bit tonight.  I was waiting on a phone call most of the day that never came.  The shelter I'm adopting Kenobi from currently can't seem to get ahold of the woman who is fostering him.  This worries me because I know she is suppose to be moving and the deadline was today.  I hope (pray) that I receive a phone call from her tomorrow arranging his new arrival into our home.

There was also the matter of normal housework that needed to be tended to.  In the past six days I've done little in the way of laundry or dusting.  When I woke up this morning it grated on my nerves.  Almost wild with the need to clean it all up, I went into a cleaning frenzy.  My husband, promising to keep an eye on the dryer, manage to pry the clorox wipes from my hand and shove me at my computer.

Anyways, beyond all that, I still got over 1,500 words wrote today.  I plan on actually getting up early tomorrow and sending a prayer to the creativity gods (maybe even burn some incense and play Depeche Mode) for a serious lack of the condition of Writer's Block and a surge in my productivity.

Total Word Count:  17,348

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