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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sail My Oceans-Day 8

I've been on a writing high today it seems.  As if driven on by my deadline goal, I was able to sit at the computer and write ceaselessly today.  Well, okay so not ceaselessly.  I did do some tweaking to my blog and added a Free Reads section.  I also, apparently, have become addicted to Twitter.  My first few days, I didn't see the glory of it.  Now that I'm having four way chats with other authors about playing D n D (a favorite pastime of mine)...Well let's just say time flies when you're having fun chatting.

My last word count was at 17,348.  I typed my little heart out, with very few interruptions (the kids were scary cooperative today which means, I just know, all hell is going to break loose tomorrow).  Fortunately, this means I got a ton done.  Unfortunately, it means I don't really have any tales to regale you with.  So I'll make this quick!

Total Word Count: 21,267

I wrote 3,919 words today!  And the best part?  Sail My Oceans is DONE!!!

Well for now...Obviously I'll be doing edits before it goes into the cyberspace for strategic submission purposes.  I may, or may not, be blogging tomorrow.  It is in my schedule to do some serious gaming.  Grand Fantasia (c) Aeria Games, here I come!!!

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