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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Free Reads vs. Anthologies

Sorry if my entry today seems a little harried. I woke up this morning to both bath tubs regurgitating water from their drain. I yelled at them to be careful how much they drink next time they party, but you know bath tubs. I blame my neighbors tubs. I think they are a bad influence since as soon as the medics came to look at my neighbors this morning, my own tubs decided to quit with their asinine behaviors.

Writing today has been impossible due to the plumbers *ahem*, I mean medics. For some reason they had to climb on the roof (my neighbors and I share a duplex), which baffles me because I'm uncertain how a roof has anything to do with plumbing. While up there, and of course it's above my bedroom, they get into an arguement. I'm suppose to be writing His Prey currently, but I just couldn't get in the mood. It took every bit of self control I had today not to step outside and yell, "Mind keeping it down? I'm trying to write a sex scene in here and I can only do that if I'm in the mood. You, gentlemen, are seriously throwing off my mojo." I debated it, but decided I didn't want to be responsible for people falling off my roof.

Since my brain is shot (I'm seeing a theme this week), I'm going to bring up a simple topic: Free Reads vs Anthologies. How do you choose which stories to post as a free read and what to store away for an anthology?

Personally I've noticed that unless you are submitting to a multi-author anthology, you might as well turn those stories into novellas or post them as free reads. A lot of publisher's these days aren't into anthologies written by a single source. Especially not if that source doesn't have any background in writing. I had several story ideas stashed back where I'd planned to do an anthology at some point, but lately I'm seeing the need to turn them in to novellas. His Prey is a perfect example. I could make it short and sweet, or I could make it something more indepth and less likely to be forgettable. Now, I'm not knocking anthologies. If you've got the background to do it, you're more than welcome to try. But I know a lot of aspiring authors have a tendency to keep short bits for that anthology they plan to write.

As for the idea of Free Reads; go for it! Just don't sell all your ideas out in the hopes of building a fan base. I plan on releasing another free read on Friday, February 18th (here's a hint: Sci-Fi). I do, however, want to make a recommendation. Why not write stories specifically to be free reads? I was flipping through my Black Book wondering, "Which one of you guys do I want to sacrifice in the name of fan building?" Then it hit me, I don't have to. I can write specifically FOR the free reads. Duh! Mini side ventures from current novels and the likes would be perfect!

Oh hey, the medics have left and all is quiet. Quick, write while there is still time! ~ D. F. Krieger


Emma Robson said...

Enjoyed this. Followed.

D. F. Krieger said...

Ello Emma, and welcome to my madness :) Thanks for the follow!

Angelina Rain said...

LOL, the medics on the roof and sick bathtubs. Sounds like a party. As for Anthologies or free reads, I like them both, but I prefer multi-author anthologies vs single author.

D. F. Krieger said...

Thanks for stopping by Angelina! If it was a party, I was seriously on the bad end of it :D