D. F. Krieger

Friday, February 4, 2011

One For Many?

So how do you do it? One on one so that all your attention is focused to a finite point? Or do you spread yourself lavishly between many?

Me? I try to be a one on one gal, but I tend to stumble into doing it with many. I don't mean to, I really try to give a single relationship my all, but sometimes I slip. I fall for that shiny promise of new and exciting. Sooner or later, especially after the short spurts, I'm come dragging back to my original -

Wait, what? What are YOU talking about?! I'm talking about writing here, people!

Wow, and I thought my mind was in the gutter. Yeesh. But no, seriously; how do you do it? I try to stick to writing one story, from beginning to finish, at a time. I've noticed lately, however, that isn't the way things are going. I have one story slowly in process as filler between 'major' projects, one going through critiques to be polished for submission, and then there are my 'major' projects. Why major with the emphasis? Because I have to giggle over labeling novellas of 10-28k as being 'major'. *snickers* Don't mind me, it's a personal joke on male anatomy.

So I'm curious; are you "One on One" or "One on Many"? Inquiring minds want to know ~ D. F. Krieger


N.M. Martinez said...

My mind is happily in the gutter. :)

Right now I'm working on one major project, and one fun project, but I'm trying to get myself to also work on other things on the side. (It hasn't exactly happened yet, but I'm still talking myself into it.)

Working on one project is good in a way, but I think it helps to cycle through projects too so that you don't get burned out on the main one you're working on.

D. F. Krieger said...

LOL, join the crowd N!

Good luck on luring your mind into performing the projects you desire. And I agree with you completely!