D. F. Krieger

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Necessary Evil

Our eyes locked over the baby, our faces betraying our emotions. We knew it had to be done, knew the baby would struggle, scream, cry. His resolve came quicker than mine, though I could still see an echo of sadness in his gaze as he let it slide over our son. It was time to teach our little one a valuable lesson, "Life is pain". Deep down I hated myself.

Our son finally got his first shots.

They were long overdue. I know I have mentioned this past year has been hectic. It has played emotional hell on me, but it has also put a hold up on certain activities that are normal in a kids life. We've been busily trying to smooth everything out, and today it was time to introduce our child who is almost a year and a half old to his shots. It played hell on us as parents.

If you've never met my kids, let me first inform you that though our 5 year old is a ricochet-off-the-walls, whine-over-everything hellion, our one year old is the epitome of a perfect child. He rarely cries, he always has a laugh or smile ready, he eats pretty well anything you set in front of him at the table, but doesn't put everything he finds in his mouth... We've gotten more compliments on his behavior then I could ever tally up. Now granted, our 5 year old isn't (by far) the worse kid in the world. We often get compliments on him too. Usually over his usage of 'please' and 'thank you'.

The point is that when we watched our happy, smiling, clapping baby turn eyes full of pain and torment on us today, it nearly broke us. Even my military husband was ashen and shaken when it was over (maybe because he's the one that had to hold our baby while the nurse stuck four needles into his chubby little thighs?). Sometimes you have to be the bad guy to be the good parent.

It got me thinking today, about how I have a tendency to put that style of character in my books. There is usually at least one character who performs evil but it's for the greater good...Or at least they think they are. Often they are misunderstood, disliked, and shunned in my books. At times, they are even feared. But they are always interesting to write. ~ D. F. Krieger

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N.M. Martinez said...

Aw, the poor baby. But for as horrible as it is for the kids, it's worse for the parents. The only thing that got me through shots when I was a kid was how bad my dad took my getting shots. He was worse than I was about it, lol.

But ooh, great way to turn this experience around. Yes, those evil characters are so interesting to read about. The ones who probably have their own stories to tell, or at least their own sides of the story.