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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Most writers I know aren't social butterflies. Oh, there's some here and there, but most of them admit that what socializing they do pull of is bluff and fake smiles. I often wonder if it is part of our less social nature that makes us desire to be writers? Or maybe you must be of such a social nature to handle the large amounts of solitude that being a productive writer puts you through?

Regardless, one thing I have noticed is that despite not being in high school anymore and our deer-like reaction to crowds, writer's still tend to form cliques. Honestly, I've noticed that about everyone. There's cliques on Twitter, cliques on Facebook, cliques amongst the military wives here in my hometown. I am not sure I really understand why, honestly.

Online most of these people have never (and may never) meet. Less face time should equate more time to expand your social horizons. Being the new kid on Twitter will quickly push that idealism from your head though. Try replying to the post of someone that you follow who is also following you. Replies to replies seem far and few between. I wonder, if one has no intention of replying to those that speak to them, what is the point of having an account on Facebook or Twitter (this goes for celebrities too; especially on Twitter).

Now maybe all of these happen to catch my attention because I have never been the type to fall into cliques? Maybe it's because I've spent a majority of my life watching people I know avidly talk about their fun nights and get togethers, but I'm never a part of that? I know I'm not the most social person in the world, I can easily go for days ghosting on the public sites, but never speaking a word. It's not that I have nothing to say, it's just that I'm aware that people don't generally and honestly care.

I will admit that when I was gone for two days, I did have a couple of great ladies show enthusiasm for my return (*Waves at Kimmy and Angelina*).  And this isn't a post requesting sympathy, by all means, I don't desire it. I'm just merely amused by the fact that, despite our ages, people still tend to cluster together to the exclusion of everyone else. They don't do it out of maliciousness (or at least I hope not). They do it because they are so caught up in their lives, and the lives of their 'besties' that they don't take the time to get to know anyone else. They have their select few, usually from two to a handful of people, that is their center. You'd think the military people here would be more open. After all, our lives revolve around the 'Here today, gone tomorrow' principle.

So what about you guys? Writer's, readers, mothers, husbands; do you have a clique? Or do you find your social interactions limited to your immediate family and the occasional texting spree? ~ D. F. Krieger


Angelina Rain said...

Great post. I’ve never noticed it before but now that you mention it, there are still cliques out there. I actually noticed that amongst authors. Most author will only communicate online with other authors of the same publishing house who published them. It’s good to know who your fellow authoresses are, but that’s actually a disadvantage when it comes to marketing.

I don’t fall into any cliques either. Actually, I don’t think I ever belonged to any cliques.

D. F. Krieger said...

Hey Angelina, love the new picture! You make a good point too. They do tend to stick with those in the same publishing house.

You didn't hit me as the clique type. Thanks for commenting :)

N.M. Martinez said...

I think people naturally gravitate towards people of "like minds" or people who make them feel comfortable. It's not meant to be exclusive (though it can seem that way). And I believe that everyone has a clique of some sort unless you were really and honestly a loner.

I was as close to a loner as anyone I've ever known. Very anti-social, much prefer staying at home to going out anywhere which kills a social life dead. And I still managed to have a small clique of some sort even if it was only three other close friends who just didn't fit into any other groups.

And I have a clique now, but we're not exclusive. We all have out separate and individual friends/groups we run off to when we're doing other things. Some friends cross over, some friends don't. The thing that holds us together are stories and game playing. No matter where we go, we come back.

Kimberly Gould said...

Thanks for the mention again. Just got my blog up: kimmydonn.blogspot.com

And when am I getting that piece you promised? I need some pirates! My capcha says so: pyrat

D. F. Krieger said...

N. M. - You are very right. Now that I think on it, I suppose I am in a clique as well..which includes myself and my husband.

Kimmy - Great to see you. The story will likely be coming to you in a couple of weeks. I want to polish it a little more before I present it to you for editing. Very funny the coincidence of your capcha!