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Friday, May 27, 2011

Irresisitably Sweet Blog Award

I was unexpectedly tagged today by Kerrianne Coombs. You can find her blog here - http://kerriannecoombes.blogspot.com/ . I'm really surprised and really appreciate it! (Shhh, don't tell anyone but this is my first blog award.)

The rules of the blog state that:
1) You link the person who sent it to you (check)
2) List seven random facts about yourself
3) Pass the award on to 15 other awesome blog buddies
4) Contact them and let them know

So.... Seven random facts about me? Yipes! I'll give it a shot and hope you think they are cool.

1) I have worked as a kennel tech at animal rescue agencies, a librarian and a computer teacher.

2) I have two piercings in my left earlobe, and only one in my right...On purpose!

3) I would commit murder (in the very literal sense!) to own a motorcycle.

4) I'm addicted to 1980's model vehicles! And I used to rebuild them.

5) I talk to my cat like he is one of my children, and thoroughly believe he understands everything I say.

6) I used to be absolutely terrified of ferrets, until one went out of it's way a couple of months ago to make friends at my local SPCA.

7) I'm a video game addict. (Yep, gamer girls totally exist!)

Okay, whew, that actually took half an hour to come up with! Geez, writing fiction takes less time than non-fiction, I swear. Now, to try to dig up 15 people I can pass this blog award on to.

 In no particular order:

Melissa Ecker
Angelina Rain
Faith Van Horne
R. C. Murphy
Wendy Sparrow
Sarah Grimm
Margeanne Mitchell
N. M. Martinez
Devin Harnois
Karyn Gerrard
Janelle Madigan
Delilah Hunt
Anna Keraleigh
Alexandra O'Hurley

Check out all these wonderful people (somehow I actually managed to find 15!). They are all awesome and talented and deserve your attention! ~ D. F. Krieger


Angelina Rain said...

Congrats on your award and thanks for passing it off to me. Also, you've been tagged. Read my blog post titled "1,2,3, you're it" to learn your to play. It's a lot of fun.

Anna Keraleigh said...

lol, thanks! I have to say I'm glad I read those things about you. We could be long lost twins, :P I'm a Halo nut, though I tend to blow myself up with the granades. Motorcycle wish, check. Cat talking, check. (Mines a girl with an attitude.)

Great post!

Murphy said...

Hey D.F,

Sorry I haven't connected before now. Thanks for the award and when I catch-up with all I've missed over the last few weeks - I'll get right on this. :)


N.M. Martinez said...

Gamer girls unite! :)

All very interesting facts about you. it's nice to get to know you a little better.

And thanks for thinking of me and passing this on.