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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Crack My Whip!

As soon as Sail My Oceans was accepted for publication, Evernight put out a call for a Halloween anthology. Needless to say, I've been keeping myself pretty darn busy working on that in my spare time. Haha, spare time. What I meant to say is time not spent cleaning, taking care of the kids, weekly blood work at the hospital, cooking, or sight seeing with the visiting in-laws has been used for writing. No TV, no video games (that one almost killed me right there!), no reading, no nightly walks.

But, I finished Midnight Masquerade and sent it in last night. This morning, it was accepted for the anthology.

Now what?

Here's my issue, and one I really need help with from readers. I have ten or so stories sitting around, begging to be wrote. I have no idea which one to focus on. Without buckling down and focusing, I'll never get anything done. So I'm going to list my top favorites, and I'd love for people to comment, e-mail, tweet, facebook, whatever medium you desire to use, and tell me which you'd be most interested in reading. I'd love to give more details, but I'd rather not spoil everything too much.

Wings of Obsidian - Fantasy. It has the potential to spawn a ten book series. Dragon (who can shift to human form) and human woman.

His Prey - Historic America (before settlers hit the shores). Wolf shifter and deer shifter.

Claiming Bubastis - Ancient Egypt. Persian general and Egyptian Priestess.

Sinners and Saints - Historic England. Incubi and a witch.

Dryad Dreams - Contemporary. Dryad and Human.

Anchor My Stars - Sci-fi Futuristic. The sequel to Sail My Oceans.

Because I'm so grateful for the help, I'll even throw in this: Everyone who contacts me with their opinion will have a chance to win an e-copy of my new release, Sail My Oceans. To make it fair, I'll take comments until midnight (eastern time US) on Friday, June 24th . Saturday, I'll announce and contact the winner, as well as reveal which title won.

Please be certain you give me an e-mail address to contact you at in case you win! Now get to it and tell me what you want me to do! ~ D. F. Krieger


darkangel76 said...

Oh! All of these ideas sound delightful! Though, if given the choice, there are 2 I'd probably focus on. One, would be 'Wings of Obsidian'. The fact that this could spawn another series for you is reason enough for me. The other would be 'Anchor My Stars'. Since you do have this series started, you could strike while the momentum is hot for it. Regardless, I do think you should work on these series side by side. It would provide you a break from a genre (and maybe characters) should you need it, but will allow you to continue on 2 what I'm sure will be fantastic series. :)

Karyn Gerrard said...

Wow, I thought I had a lot of stories kicking around, you have me beat!

The ten book one sounds extremely ambitious and very intriguing.

But I will choose Sinner and Saint. Historic England is so damned fascinating!

You are on a roll,you go! And have fun in the process~


blueamosruby@yahoo.com said...

Wow your a busy mom !Your an exceptional multitasker.I would choose the sequel to your current book that you just finished.I look forward to reading your book when its released :) congratulations.