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Friday, June 10, 2011

Why Write That

With my upcoming release date of June 17th, I thought I'd cover a topic that I've seen come up over and over. I'd never had to deal with it until recently, in public, when I was asked what my book, Sail My Oceans, is about.

"Its a futuristic erotica." My reply was without hesitation.

The woman got a strange look on her face. "Why? What makes you want to write that stuff."

I tried not to bristle. It was an honest question (even if there was a hint of disdain in her voice.) It didn't take me long to come up with an answer. I decided that I wanted to tell her the exact truth, and I'm going to give it to my readers too. My answer is simple.

"I write sex because I'm often sexually deprived."

I tried not to laugh as her eyes turned big as saucers. "Well, I'd think marriage would be the way to solve that," she finally stuttered.

"I am married..." I let it sit for a moment. "To the military."

And there it was. We're in a cluster of military bases. If you are old enough to have a thought process, you are old enough to understand military lifestyle around here. One golden rule of being married to the military: The service member is hardly ever home.

Example: As of this coming Wednesday, in two weeks worth of time, I'll have seen my husband roughly six days total (well evenings, not full days). His ship is performing work-ups off and on (mini deployments to gear up for the real thing) and he's gone for days. Most of June he wont be home.

I'm not going to cheat on my husband. With that being said, I'd like to point out that my husband knows exactly what I write, and why - And he's perfectly okay with it. As a matter of fact, he's often one of my beta readers/critique partners (having a photojournalist for a husband is awesome like that!).

So yes, I write erotic fiction. I'll continue to write erotic fiction for years. You know why? Because I'm sexually deprived so that American's can enjoy their many freedoms!

So tell me, dear readers, if you write, why do you write what you do? And if you only read, why do you read what you do? ~ D. F. Krieger


Angelina Rain said...

Great answer! I think most married woman are sexually deprived. Life gets in the way and when you find the time to have sex, you're too tired from the stressful day you had.

I write erotica because I enjoy reading erotica and it's easy to write (at least for me). I would love to write some romantic suspense, as that is also something I love reading, but that's a little harder to write as I want the laws in my writing to be accurate so I would need to do research on a bunch of laws, crimes, ect. And I don't have the time for that right now.

Kimberly Gould said...

I am not sexually deprived, thankfully. I write erotic fiction, when I do, because my mind is often not nearly as satisfied as my head. I don't know if it's that the foreplay isn't the right kind, but DAMN words can turn me on well.
Unfortunately, I suck at coming up with an erotica plot line. So, I write scenes and shorts. *shrug* I don't mind that. It fills the need. If I'm reading a story and it happens to have some hot sex in it... BONUS! :D
I think Sail My Oceans is the former. The sex is a major plot point. That's good. I can't do THAT. So glad to hear about the publishing date. I STILL don't have one of those. *sigh* Soon, I hope.

N.M. Martinez said...

That is a good answer and a great reason. Though I'm prone to saying to friends who write romance or erotica that they don't need a reason to write "that stuff." (That just sounds disdainful!) Sort of rude for that woman to ask!

I write what I write because I can't really write anything else. It's what feel natural whatever it is.

Miho Li said...

Why I write in general is an entirely different answer, but I write erotica b/c I enjoy it, and it might really be as simple as that :D

D. F. Krieger said...

I'm loving all the comments this post spawned! I've had people directly e-mail me, message me on facebook, twitter their response to me. It seems the overwhelming response has been, "I write/read erotica because its what I like. End of story."

Thank you all for your responses. I've really enjoyed reading them. And thank you to those that have privately messaged me. I'm happy to know I've done the right thing by exposing how sexually deprived military spouses are (against our will)!