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Friday, July 22, 2011

Will Heal for Parchment & Quill

I used to game, a lot. So much, that I would even give up sleep to do it for days at a time. I played an online MMORPG and I was good at it. The social aspect was awesome and the achievements, though hard to reach, really gave me an ego boost from Hades.

A lot like writing.

Actually, really dang similar to writing.

When working on Sail My Oceans I lost a lot of sleep, often spending midnight hours pounding away at the keyboard. It was a long hard road, but once I achieved my goal of getting it published, it gave me an ego boost from Hades. Like in a game, when you've reached the level cap (aka in writer speak you've become published), you find yourself creating a new character or, in the spirit of writing, a new novel.

Except, sometimes starting new is hard. Let me use gaming as an example. I've been playing a free online game called Wrath of the Fallen. I love the graphics, people are friendly, and I love my abilities as a healer. My in-game name is Farah.

Writing is similar in many respects, I think. When we start a new novel, we know the path we have to tread, but we also know how different it is from when you have the finished fancy product. We yearn to reach it, but to get to it, we have to overcome many obstacles...No matter how many times we've done this before. Each novel, like a new character in a game, has to be treated like an individual being. We play with it to see how we can improve upon what we'd once developed. A few stat points adjusted here (fleshing out our characters), a difference in the spells/talents taken (plot points). Maybe we'll skip the quests and power level (skip crit groups and work with another author we've developed a friendship with) or maybe we don't want the help and just want to solo (SOLO SUCKS! Just sayin').

I took a break from the internet for about six months. Back then, I had Uber Farah. She was level 54 (no small feat to achieve considering most people stop at 40), she was well-known, and she was one of the best healers you could find.

 She looked like this (Yeah, she was so kick-ass, she even rode a Unicorn {side note: that mount was a pain in the butt to achieve. Rare mounts for the bloody win!})

When I came back, everyone I knew was gone or had switched to a private server. I decided to take a break from writing and join them. Let me tell you, it's been hard. As a level 17 healer now, I'm struggling to get through. I remember what it was like to be level 54 and it makes life a little more difficult. Look how forlorn and alone I am on this rock!  

But you know what makes it all worth it, and easier to bear? The friends you make along your journey. Each new character (novel) you're going to acquire new people, new perspectives, and new memories. If you are a gamer, I urge you to come join us on Wrath of the Fallen. It really is fun and you can't beat free. If you aren't a gamer, but you are a reader, I encourage you to pick up a new novel, share a journey with a new writer, and make a new friend. ~ D. F. Krieger

Monday, July 18, 2011

Illusions of Grandeur Shattered

I had to face two realities in the past month. One of which I had an inkling and no false pretenses about, but I've seen many others in the same position as me feeling let down. The other reality was a rather harsh blow and I think it ripped away what innocence I had left.

Illusion Number 1: When I release my first book, my royalty check and popularity will be through the roof.

I had a feeling it wouldn't be like this and I'm sorry if I just shot any wanna-be writers down. Oh, you can smile smugly at me and believe your book/writing/marketing ideas are so different that you'll do tons better than me, but I assure you, cases like the above are one in a million. Writing a novel isn't a one shot deal to fame and fortune. I never believed it was, but it was still a hard truth to swallow when I saw it happen to me and a few fellow writers. A few of them became disheartened.

What I have learned is that if you want to be known and make the money, you've got to get your stuff out there. You need to build a readership. The more stories you have out and about, the more your popularity (and your paycheck) will create a snowball effect. Given this knowledge, I have spent every spare moment writing my butt off. I can't be the next big thing if no one even knows my name.

Illusion Number 2: When the military isn't on deployments, they are home.

Yup, this is an illusion. And believe it or not, before I was a military wife, I had no idea. I honestly thought that if my husband wasn't on deployment, he would spend every night coming home from work like anyone else with a 8-5 job. Then I learned about duty days... Okay, I can deal with that. One night a week that he has to work, no big deal. Then, I heard about work-ups.

Backtracking a little here. When my husband was stationed here, his ship was already deployed. He had to leave within two weeks. It was hard, but we worked with it. When he came home, his ship had to get some repairs done to it. This meant no work-ups, no deployments, no taking off at all. I didn't realize how lucky we were. Just before his ship was released, I heard murmurs of this dreaded thing called work-up. I was informed by other military wives that work-ups are mini deployments. The scoundrels that thought of these horrid ideas also decreed that work-ups cannot exceed thirty days (so they don't have to pay separations pay to the families) but the ship can pull a 29 days out, 1 day in, 29 days out, etc schedule. I thought this was an extreme situation horror story, that it would never happen to us. But it did, just this month. Damn, really? So in essence, my husband is deployed, but he's not. And no. I don't get to skype/IM/video chat with him. I get an e-mail about twice a day. If I'm lucky he can use a payphone on the ship (that yes, we have to pay for by buying a calling card through the ship).

What am I doing to deal with these two monumental illusions being shattered? Well, I'm writing, of course. Because, at the end of the day, that's the only way I'm going to be able to keep my sanity.

So question: What illusions have you had broken that sticks out in your memories? How did you deal with it?~ D. F. Krieger

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Why Does the Snake Bite?

Our household tends to use a phrase pretty often. "Why does the snake bite?"  It comes from an old Native American tale in which a medicine woman finds an injured snake and cares for it. When the snake is healed, it bites her. As she lies dying on the floor, she asks the snake to explain to her, after all her devotion, love and care, why it bit her. The snake's simple reply was, "Because I'm a snake. It is my nature."

Except today it didn't.

Let me rewind and explain.

As many of you know, hubby had to leave again after only a day of being home. We all took it pretty hard. My brother, in an attempt to cheer us up, suggested that we all go for a hike. He knows how much I love the outdoors and since moving to this big city (far from my country home), I haven't gotten to experience much fresh air, quiet forest, and exquisite wildlife. I agreed to the idea and he, myself, and my two children piled into the car. We'd done a brief internet search and found a local hiking trail on two acres, nestled deep in the heart of a local city. To protect it's reputation, it shall remain unnamed.

The scenery was breath-taking and we were truly enjoying ourselves. Beautiful, metallic blue and green dragonflies with pitch black wings danced around us in groups. One even let me touch it. Small fish swam in a stream that ran parallel to the mulch covered trail we were on. Ivy climbed tall trees with plaques that announced they were well over 200 years old. We were really enjoying ourselves.

Until the snake.

My family has always made fun of me when we go for walks around our neighborhood because I walk with my head down and my gaze searching the path just a few feet ahead of me. They tease me it is because I'm so socially awkward (read paranoid/shy) that I try not to see the people around us. I call it self-preservation. I came from a farm that had a pond. During the hot summer months, it was usually swarming with snakes (black king snakes, brown or green garden snakes, copper heads, cotton mouths). I've been taught, since the moment I could toddle, to watch for snakes.

That's why I saw it when they didn't.

My brother, pushing the stroller with my one and a half year old child, was walking right next to it. My six year old was already ahead on the path. I saw it and had three thoughts run through my head.

1) It was about 3 or 4 feet long

2) It was within biting distance of my brother and my youngest child

3) It was a poisonous copper head

What I should have done was kept my mouth shut, let my brother get past, and then said something to him. What I did do was say, "Oh my gods, Michael!"

He, hearing the panic in my voice, froze.

"No, no, no, no! Keep going. Keep going and you'll be safe." <--My voice rising as I say this.

My six year old, hearing the panic too, comes running back to the safest place he knows. Straight at me. Straight across the snake. I screamed at him to stop. Mike, still not knowing what is wrong, reaches out to grab him. Xander trips, falls, and lands ON the freaking snake.

You know how, in movies, when really, really bad shit happens, they slow the frames down. Yeah...I screamed my sons name in a way I have never screamed in my life as I watched him fall. Sheer panic over took me. I wanted to lunge forward, but I knew I would never get there in time.

My son landed. The snake froze, its head touching my boy's chest. My brother jerked my son back to his feet and stepped away, then FINALLY sees the snake. The snake, clearly confused, slithers off. The poisonous snake, who could have, and by all rights, should have, bitten my child, did not touch him.

My six year old and I clutched each other on the path and cried, shaking. I don't know why the snake didn't bite him. It is a snake's nature to bite. Not only that, but with all the commotion and a human falling on it, it should have bit out of self-defense, if for no other reason.

I, for one, am just happy that in this case, the snake decided to act against it's nature. ~ D. F. Krieger

Friday, July 8, 2011

Sizzling Summer Selectee

Wow, the blog hop was amazing and I'm glad to see how many of you joined me! Though I only was able to pick one winner (through a random number generator cause I couldn't find a 14 sided die), I encourage all of you not to get discouraged. I've heard whispers in the wind that there shall be another blog hop and give-away in the future...*Cough*ThisFall*Cough*

Though, I admit I won't be adverse if any of you simply can'.t wait and MUST buy the book now. And just because it is my duty as an author to promote my book, I shall direct you to an awesome review post in Manic Readers. Not only did Sail My Oceans receive a 4.5 out of 5 stars, it was also compared to the popular TV series, Firefly. I'm a fan of the show, so in my mind...Best...Compliment...EVER!

Now, drum roll please? *Insert sound of a standard drum roll for an awe inspiring big reveal*

The winner of Sail My Oceans from Evernight's Sizzling Summer Blog Hop goes to:  LadyVampire2U!!!

*Loads of cheering, whistling, and all around merry making happy sounds!*

Congrads! And to all the rest of you, thank you for visiting and I hope to continue to be worthy of your attention and follows. ~ D. F. Krieger

Monday, July 4, 2011

Sizzling Summer Blog Hop

Greetings and welcome! It's summer and the authors of Evernight know just what you need to help pass the time. You need books to read, and lots of them! Well, we've got you covered. It requires no sweat (okay, well a little. But in a good kind of way ;)  ), no tears, and no back-breaking labor. All it requires is a comment with your name and an e-mail address. We also would appreciate a blog follow.

Then the magical part comes in. Because, if you do those few little things, you are automatically entered to win a book or in some cases, books, on each blog you visit and comment on.

Yeah, free book(s) for your pleasure. Awesome sexy stories to keep you entertained while you lay by the pool side, lounge in your air conditioned living room, or during a quick lunch break at the office.

This blog hop runs from July 5th through July 8th. Winners will be contacted and announced on July 9th.

Sail My Oceans, a futuristic sci-fi, is up for grabs from my blog. I will be giving away one e-book copy to a lucky commenter.

Be sure and check out the other lovely authors of Evernight Publishing by clinking on a link below. Best of luck to you all and Happy Hopping! ~ D. F. Krieger

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Greetings everyone! After a lengthy hiatus, I have returned. I decided to offer up a few sentences from my recent release, Sail My Oceans. I do hope you enjoy. (PS- Erotic Content Warning!)

His tongue flicked her nipple, eliciting a gasp from her. "More," she demanded. "Take it in your mouth. I want to feel you suck it."

"As you wish, mistress." Julius' voice rumbled against her skin, causing her nipples to perk so hard it was almost painful.
 Thanks for stopping by and I wish you a happy (and SAFE) 4th of July celebration! ~ D. F. Krieger

To return to the Six Sentence Sunday website, click  HERE

Friday, July 1, 2011

One Good Deed

 I just had the sweetest lady in the world do something that blew me away. She struck up conversation in the grocery store, telling me how my kids look so much like her own when they were little. Instead of nodding and moving on, I talked with her. (What they hey, she was nice, it's a nice day, why not, right?) We talked from kids, to pets, to the fact her children are adopted and how I'd like to adopt a little girl one day. We talked about animal rescue and our husbands. We parted ways with a smile and a "It was nice to meet you."

When checking out, she approached the cashier and told them she was paying for my groceries. I was floored, I protested. She firmly told me, "Enjoy your little boys while you have them at home, before they are grown and doing their own thing like mine. I want you to use the money you just saved and go make a memory with your kids with it."

I thanked her..and cried the whole way home. Every time I start to lose faith in humanity, some one proves there is still hope. I don't care what deity that woman prays to (I'm pagan myself), but I hope she is blessed in every way possible the rest of her kind hearted life!

Thought I'd share. I hope it will inspire others to do a good deed too. What am I going to do with the money she saved me? Exactly what she asked. Kids are deciding right now where they want to go this weekend. I plan on taking plenty of pictures.