D. F. Krieger

Friday, July 1, 2011

One Good Deed

 I just had the sweetest lady in the world do something that blew me away. She struck up conversation in the grocery store, telling me how my kids look so much like her own when they were little. Instead of nodding and moving on, I talked with her. (What they hey, she was nice, it's a nice day, why not, right?) We talked from kids, to pets, to the fact her children are adopted and how I'd like to adopt a little girl one day. We talked about animal rescue and our husbands. We parted ways with a smile and a "It was nice to meet you."

When checking out, she approached the cashier and told them she was paying for my groceries. I was floored, I protested. She firmly told me, "Enjoy your little boys while you have them at home, before they are grown and doing their own thing like mine. I want you to use the money you just saved and go make a memory with your kids with it."

I thanked her..and cried the whole way home. Every time I start to lose faith in humanity, some one proves there is still hope. I don't care what deity that woman prays to (I'm pagan myself), but I hope she is blessed in every way possible the rest of her kind hearted life!

Thought I'd share. I hope it will inspire others to do a good deed too. What am I going to do with the money she saved me? Exactly what she asked. Kids are deciding right now where they want to go this weekend. I plan on taking plenty of pictures.


Sassy Shyla said...

Thanks for sharing this D.F. One good deed really does do so much to restore faith in people! I love hearing things like this. Have fun with the little ones this weekend!

Ebony Dreams said...

Oh my...that is beautiful. And goes to show that there are still kind and sweet people out there. Thanks for sharing this. I loved it. And to tell you the truth I needed it.

Holly said...


Leanne109 said...

You made me cry!!! What a wonderful lady! I try to do good deeds as well and help people where I can.
Once and awhile when going through the coffee drive-thru hubby and I will buy a coffee for the car behind us.
It's our own little way to help good karma along :)

P.S. Would be great to see you at my blog party :D www.booksnmakeup.com

Carolyn Rosewood said...

How sweet! What a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing!