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Monday, August 1, 2011

Autograph Contest

Time and again I've been asked, "When/how do I get a signed copy of your work?" Most of those asking wanted to know when they could get their hands on a physical version of Sail My Oceans. Sadly, that story will likely never come to print. I also don't have a Kindle, so the Kindlegraph option, for now, is out. But I have come up with an alternative option!

A wallet sized laminated cover of Sail My Oceans. On the back, you'll find my sprawling signature. Why yes, I did use my Purple Pen of Editing Doom! to write it.

So how, oh how, can you win an autographed cover of my book? Easy, leave a comment. It can be about anything, but I'll admit I'd love to see your favorite line from the book. Or even, favorite character. If nothing else, tell me what you want to see most in the up-coming sequel, Anchor My Stars. If you haven't read Sail my Oceans, don't despair! You're still eligible to win, just leave a comment.

Now, for time lines and rules and all that stuff. Unfortunately, I can only mail within the US at this time. I'm sorry  to all my 'across the ponds' or 'across the borders' cousins. But if you are within the US, you must have a valid e-mail address attached to your comment so I can e-mail you. If you are chosen, you have 48 hours to respond to my e-mail, or I'll move along to the next winner.

The contest will run from Monday, August 1st until Thursday, August 6. A winner will be announced on Friday, August 7th (and contacted by e-mail at that time). Also, I really want to spice things up. For every ten people who leave a comment, I'll chose another winner. So if we have ten entries, there will be one winner. Twenty will make two. So on and so forth. Because yes, I have more than one of these cards in my possession. So spread the word! ~ D. F. Krieger


heather said...

I haven't had the privilege of reading any of your work but I would sure love the chance :) Thanks for the giveaway!


Debbie Laurie said...
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Debbie Laurie said...

I just read your free reads. I want more!!! I'm going to check out all of your books.. I'm very excited... I'll tell you what I'm going to get and then I'll post a review after I'm done reading it. I'll post on FB and Goodreads.

Can't wait to read some of your books!!!
Debbie L.

D. F. Krieger said...

@Heather - You may be interested to know my book is up for Review and a giveaway on the TBR pile on the 7th. I'll be posting a link here.

@Debbie - I'm looking forward to seeing what your opinion is of Sail My Oceans. Thank you for offering to post a review. I would like that a lot.

CJ said...

Purple pen for editing? I LOVE purple pens!

Congratulations Heather, on winning the contest. :) Now, go read the book. Hehe.

heather said...

Lol, thanks CJ, I will :)