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Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricanes & Pirates Winner!

As most of you know, I stayed at home for the hurricane. I suppose I'm too stubborn to leave. Fortunately I fared well and the longest power outage was from Saturday night until almost noon Sunday. No big deal and completely livable (especially considering there are those still without power and my heart goes out to them).

By great arcane magic powers granted to me, I cast (rolled) a spell ( 8-sided die) and a winner was randomly chosen. The winner of a free copy of Sail My Oceans is .....*drum roll*......

Congrats lady! 

I've already sent an e-mail her way. Thanks for participating everyone. I enjoyed reading the responses and see what all you could come up with. And thanks, also, for the well wishes! I feel like they really helped keep us safe. ~ D. F. Krieger

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Angelina Rain said...

Hey girl. I have a blog award for you on my blog.