D. F. Krieger

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Maybe Baby Contest

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Sarah's husband, Colten, after informing her that his deployment is extended for another six months, rents her a cabin in the woods as an apology. When she gets there, she’s in for the surprise of a lifetime; Colten is already waiting and ready to make up for the past year they've been apart. Now that he’s retiring from the military, they will never have to worry about being separated again. Sarah can't wait to give herself to her husband, but is she ready to start a new future?


        She caressed the front of his jeans, placing her hand over his erection. Sarah, impressed with the bulge
 he made, issued a soft sound of appreciation. It had been so long since she’d seen a penis that she’d almost forgotten how evident a man’s erection could be in the right pair of pants.
“Sarah.” Colten gritted her name out through clenched teeth, his self-imposed restraint evident.
His tone made her feel powerful, in control, and filled with the urge to tease and please him. The zipper of his jeans fought her, refusing to slide down with the ease she wanted, yet gave her an excuse to palm his erection with her other hand. She squeezed him with a gentle pressure and rubbed him through the fabric while she covertly fought the stubborn zipper.
When his zipper cooperated, she switched to unbuttoning his pants. The button popped out with minimal work and Sarah hooked her fingers into his waistband and pulled them, along with his boxers, down. Colten lifted one leg at a time, helping her pull them off until he stood before her, completely naked, his erection standing out in a firm salute. She stepped back, letting her hungry gaze rove over him, taking in the details of his body.
His muscles were far more sculpted than they’d been before he left. A scar ran across the top of his left thigh that hadn’t been there before he deployed, the white a stark contrast to the rest of his tanned body. His hair, once a deep auburn, was now peppered with grey that congregated at the temples. He looked far more mature and it spoke to her in a primal way. Her body recognized him for the experienced warrior he was, and considered the knowledge quite a turn on.

Want more? Leave a comment telling me about your favorite kind of man in uniform and you'll be entered to win this new release. Contest runs through until midnight, Sunday October 30th.  ~ D. F. Krieger


An Open Book said...

What a fabulous premise for a love story- rekindled love and the unknown

Collins said...

I would love to read this book. But my "main" man in uniform will be my son, he will be headed out to basic way before this momma is ready.

Jenx Byron said...

This is an intriguing book, as I am fan of men in uniform! I support the troops whenever I have the opportunity.

Lorraine said...

I love a man in uniform, but I like them better out of it. lol

Tara said...

At the risk of being totally disloyal to my husband who is in the Air Force, I'm going to confess I have a major lust for the Navy's sailor whites. Seeing a ship full of those sailor outfits... well, let's not go there. I'm not entering the contest, just couldn't resist leaving a comment. Congrats on your release, D.F.

Karyn Gerrard said...

All the best for your release, sounds fantastic ~


Adonis Devereux said...

Great little teaser! What branch of the military is Colten in?

kastil said...

Meow... excuse me while I fan myself.

gayl said...

I am really looking forward to reading this one! That excerpt hooked me.

I admit I am partial to Navy SEALs but I need to give props to cops since my hubby was one.

I always thought there were many types of uniforms, cowboys, cops, firemen, race car drivers...they all have a certain uniform don't they?