D. F. Krieger

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Once Bit, Twice Shy

Lady LeFaye, safe at last
I stated earlier on Facebook that I would be introducing you all to our newest furbaby. As most of you know, she is a rescue and I promised I would reveal her tragic story. For our baby that we have lovingly dubbed Lady LeFaye (Faye for short), life has almost come to an end, twice.

Faye was found by a local animal control, seizuring and unable to use the entire right half of her body. Nobody knew where she had come from. Nobody expected her to live either. Figuring she'd been hit by a car and with no vet on staff to check, Faye was tossed into the top row of the quarantine cages and expected not to live through the night.

The next morning, however, Faye was alive. The seizures had stopped, but she was still unable to use the entire right half of her body. Enter Tammy, a wonderful woman who fosters for the animal control. Her heart broke for the poor kitten and she took her home to either help her or, if nothing else, give her a more comfortable place to die. What she didn't expect was Faye's fur to start falling off in clumps. Upon further inspection, Tammy found the source of all the poor kitten's discomfort: Faye had been bitten by a poisonous snake. How it didn't kill her, no one knows, but it did paralyze the right side of her body completely.

Tammy spent two months putting Faye through daily water aerobics. Slowly, day by day, the kitten's motor skills improved until her front paw was the only thing that remained useless. But bad news came shortly after. Faye's time with animal control was up, foster or no. Her file had sat in stasis too long and needed to be dealt with. Unwilling to watch all of Faye's effort go down the drain, Tammy placed a call for help on Craigslist.

Like MacBeth, when I opened that post and saw her picture, I knew she needed me. I've dealt with special needs animals many times before, I even shared my home and heart with a completely blind cat for years. Something as trivial as one useless paw wasn't enough to stop myself or my husband from filling out the adoption papers. It took almost two weeks before we were able to bring her home (we had to wait for her to be spayed), but she is now finally safe and sound in our home. She's half-feral and terrified of the world, but who can blame her.

Not her foster sibling, who decided to hitch a ride home with us too. Yes, unexpectedly, we brought home not one, but two cats tonight. A lovely Egyptian Mau mix was at Tammy's house this night as well. Also terrified of the world, she melted in my husbands arms like she'd always belonged there. Calypso stole his heart and, in doing so, guaranteed herself a one way ticket into our home. Fortunately, Tammy was so overjoyed to see the cat actually warm up to someone that Calypso came home with us free of charge. Both are now curled up in their large carrier, dozing as they adjust to the knowledge that death, starvation, and snakes will forever be just a scary shadow of the past. ~ D. F. Krieger


Tara said...

What you have done for that kitten, kittens, is WONDERFUL.

Angelina Rain said...

She's beautiful! I'm so glad to hear that you saved two kittens. They have a good home now.

Fin said...


What a wonderful story, DF. =) I thought I was a dog person until SO brought home a kitten for me last christmas and now I think I'll be the crazy cat lady on my street.

Love the pics and LOVE what you do for these wonderful creatures.