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Monday, March 12, 2012

Must Read Monday: Precious Polly

A hot little spanking story that will have you writhing in your seat!
Only 99 cents!

When Polly meets the handsome Mr. Flinders, he shows her a whole new world of discipline.

Polly is unlike the other eligible young ladies in her town. She cannot play the pianoforte and has no desire to sit about, acting hostess at boring parties those of her social status are known for having. She'd much rather let her dreams and fancy take over, whisking her thoughts away so that she can place focus on more interesting things.

When Mr. Flinders decides that it is he who must tutor her in the art of the pianoforte, opening her up to the idea of becoming an accomplished lady, he reveals a very different method of discipline than she's used to. One that leaves her aching for more and willing to do whatever it is he asks of her.

Polly comes off as a very spoiled woman in the book. When she gets that first get swat from her new master, I cheered. This story is about discovery; how things that seem so very taboo can feel so good. It's also about trust.

I really enjoyed how the author showed the depth of devotion, not only from sub to Dom, but Dom to sub as well. For all his alpha male glory, Master George made no secret of his love for Polly. That I adore. You see too many BDSM style stories that the man is aloof all the time, and that throws me out of the story. Master George is just the right amount of dominant, without being an asshole.

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Emmie Harrison said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed! It was definitely fun to write! ;)