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Monday, May 28, 2012

Must Read Monday: Feral: Wolf's Heart (Plus Winner!)

First of all, I'd like to congratulate Danica Winters for winning the blog contest. She was chosen by the powerful magic known as "Dice ROLL!" and has already been contacted. I want to thank everyone who participated for the page views and the readership.

Only .99 cents! Click to buy!

Gypsy myths and legends are something Larissa put behind her a long time ago. Unfortunately, they never forgot her.

When Larissa's best friend sends her on a mission to get the autograph of Zane Adamson— the sexy star of the paranormal television hit Feral— she is far from thrilled. Larissa is a realist, and silly fantasy conventions are not her idea of fun. When she meets Zane, however, she decides her fortunes are looking up.

Unfortunately, for Larissa, Zane is harboring secrets that affect both of their lives; past, present and future.
As reality and fantasy collide, will Zane be able to convince Larissa that she has the strength to ensure her own survival as well as protect the existence of the world she turned her back on long ago?

Wolf's Heart was a fun, short, flirty read. I loved that the heroine wasn't immediately, "Oh, you're a werewolf. I can deal with that." I despise characters who have a paranormal situation revealed and they just smile and nod like it's all good. I also loved that this book wasn't all about sex. It had plot.

One thing that puzzles me is I was drawn to the villain. She seems to have some story that needed to be told, a past that needed to be aired out. I brought this up to the author and (YAY) she will be writing a couple of sequels focusing on the villain, as well as another character who needed more limelight. I'm looking forward to that, which makes this a Must Read Monday! ~ D. F. Krieger

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gayl said...

Congrats to Danica!

And this book looks really good! Will need to grab it!