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Monday, May 21, 2012

Must Read Monday: Glyph (Plus A Celebration!)

I am so proud to announce that I have watched my blog grow massively in the year I've been keeping it. Writing Escapades hit a big stepping stone today that made me realize not only how much I've grown, but my career has grown as well. In celebration of reaching 5,000 page views *performs Snoopy-style happy dance*, I will be offering a give-away along side my normal Must Read Monday post.

I will be buying a copy for one lucky commenter of one of the books I've edited, plus giving them a free .pdf of one of my own backlist (aka one of the releases on the left or the right to receive a copy of my upcoming May 30th release, The Submission.) That's right. A lucky commenter will receive not one, but two free books.

Now, for your normal MRM post!

Only 4.99! Click to buy!
Shawnee’s life is entirely normal—or so she’d like to believe. A doctor unknowingly working for an organization set out to destroy all werecreatures is average, isn’t it? Is love enough to help Shawnee stop the evil from destroying her new family?

When deadly and mysterious cases start appearing in the emergency room of Mercy General Hospital, Doctor Shawnee Twofeathers cannot continue to ignore it. While coming to terms with her own identity, Shawnee decides that it’s up to her to stop the evil organization behind the incidences before they realize who she is and the werewolf company she is trying to protect. Can Shawnee single-handedly stop the demise of the innocent humans and werecreatures that she has come to love? Or will she need to rely on the pack she’s learned to call family?

This book touched me on so many levels that I had a hard time editing it. I often realized I was reading the manuscript, getting so caught up in the story, that I'd forgotten to pay attention to editing it. Yeah, I know, I just lost a little of my bad ass editor reputation. But really, the main character in this book really struck me and sucked me in.

Shawnee's fight to be normal and live a normal lifestyle despite the demons in her past and the shapeshifters in her present and future was a struggle that grasped my heart. Anyone who rails against "abnormal" circumstances or lifestyles in an attempt to have a "real life" can  identify with her. Though it's never stated as such, the PTSD she suffers from had me rocking in my chair crying along side her from time to time. The author's avid descriptions of what it is like makes it easy for anyone who has or hasn't experienced trauma to relate to Shawnee.

Now, until recently I was kinda dodgy about female/female interaction. I just didn't get it. Between a friend of mine showing me that it's deeper than sex, and the interaction between Shawnee and another character named Vanessa, I began to look at F/F in a whole new perspective. That's not even touching on Mal, the sexy werewolf who proves that nice guys still do exist (even if it's only in fantasy!)

Not just the story line, but the emotional depth of this story really makes this a Must Read Monday! ~ D. F. Krieger

Celebration extra's!
The winning participant can choose from the following titles at Breathless Press:

Breaking Delia's Rules
A Facebook Affair
Sinful Urges
Educating Ethan
In Waters Deep
Precious Polly
Deaf Isn't Dumb
Even Villains Fall In Love
Feral: Wolf's Heart <-- I will be writing a MRM on this story next Monday.

*Disclaimer: To participate, you must leave a comment on this blog. Books I've edited in the list above are not mine, and I hold no right to them. When the winner chooses their prize, I will purchase the book and send them the download link. (This is called showing common courtesy and making sure the author gets paid for their work ;)  ) The winner will also be allowed to choose a book from my own publications which include Sail My Oceans, Maybe Baby, Midnight Seduction Anthology, or the upcoming release The Submission. If winner chooses The Submission they do so on the understanding that the book will not be released until May 30th and therefore a copy is not obtainable until that date. They will receive their copy of the Breathless release within 24 hours of the confirmation e-mail. This contest will run for one week, during which participants can leave a comment. A winner will be chosen and announced on Monday, May 28th, and contacted by e-mail. D. F. Krieger reserves the right to chose a new winner should the original one not respond to the notification e-mail within 48 hours. Now, if you've actually read the block of text this far, know that I wish you luck and I hope to see some fun, witty comments and blog follows would be nice too!


Danica Winters said...

Congratulations on having so many views! That is fantastic. ;)

gayl said...

Congratulations on 5,000 visits! Here's to another 5,000! *throws confetti*

Ann B Harrison said...

Congratulations on your achievements Deadra. Apart from being very informative and interesting I love to see what you are reviewing and your take on your current review book.
"Happy dancing with you"
p.s. Glad you made it home okay.

Pamela (Frymire) Price said...

Deadra, wow, congrats for everything. It seems like you are doing pretty well. I haven't talked to you in a couple of years. I confess, I don't usually follow blogs, but I wanted to check yours out. I wanted to tell you that I'm happy that you do something you love :)

Debbie Laurie said...

I love wereshifter books... This is a must have on My Kindle Fire..... D.F. your books are amazing just like YOU.....

Austin Unthank said...

This looks soooo cool i really want it! ;D

Anonymous said...

what a lovely post. thank you for your words on this, and the blood, sweat, and tears through the whole process. you are a gift to me in this lifetime. ~max