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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rant: Not Another Word

That's it, I'm done! I'm trashing all my writing dreams and just sticking to being an editor. Then again, considering what I'm foaming at the mouth over like a rabid dog, I have to wonder if I'm doing that decently either. What's the problem, you ask? Well, okay, so you may not be asking...But if you are here then by gods you must at least be curious, and that's kinda the same as asking.

My writing.

Yes, I'm totally ticked at my writing and I'm not penning another freaking word until I get one thing straight. Do I have to spell shit out for readers to "get it." Cause, if I do, I'm not interested anymore. I quit. I'm not going to write like my readers are morons, and if I have to, I'm not going to find it enjoyable enough to do so.

Out of all the stories I've written, I've had two pieces in which the editor would highlight obvious things and ask me to clarify or question what I meant (and these were two completely different editors, mind you.) I'm usually pretty creative and can work with that, but on these pieces to me, the things couldn't get any more obvious unless I spelled it out.

"Her hair fell around her shoulders in a crimson halo that only served to enhance her orange eyes."

To which the editor would put, "I don't get what you mean here."

Really? Really?! What do you freaking want? Her hair was red, and it enhanced her orange eyes. Now, before you start eying my books with Lucy Verr, know that the above was only an example. It never happened. My editor for that book was made of awesome and "got it."

I have to wonder, is my writing so bad that I think I'm stating things plainly, but I'm not? Am I so caught up in my belief that I can write that I've developed a diva attitude? Can I take criticism well? On a regular basis, yes. But when an editor highlights something that is dead obvious to me, and they say they don't get it, and the only alternative is to dumb it down...I'm not interested in playing by their rules.

Which also brings me to the question: am I ever that editor? Do I make my authors dumb things down? I know I've highlighted a few things asking authors to explain, normally because it's slang from across the great wide world that I just simply don't get and have never heard of before.

I'm leaving it up to you, dear readers. I need your help. Am I a diva??? Do I need to get over it? ~ D. F. Krieger


Anonymous said...

I can say first hand that you are NOT that kind of editor. As for your writing, I've read some of your stories and work and I've never had a problem understanding anything. And your example is pretty clear cut to me. Sounds like there's some feelings the editor(s) is harbouring and it's coming out in the work. ~ ME

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Angelina Rain said...

You say there were two editors who asked you to dumb things down. Do both editors work for the same publisher? Maybe it's the publisher's editing style to dumb things down. I had that same problem with a pub that no longer exists. As much as I hated my editor for making me explain things that already made sense, upon reading other books from the same publisher, I noticed dumbing down in all of them.