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Monday, June 11, 2012

Must Read Monday: Futures Gone Past

At the moment, I don't have any books I've edited up for a MRM. Another thing I'll hang my head in shame about is that, aside from editing, I don't really get time to read books. If I'm not editing, or writing my own works, then I'm reading submissions. So reading for pleasure, though I'd love to do it, is out.

To make up for the fact I have no book to present to you, I will present a poem instead. It's one I wrote about a year ago. I also found a pretty picture to go along with it. I hope you will enjoy and forgive my lack of a proper MRM post.

Echoes of shadows flit before the eyes,
taunting with glimpses of a culture lost long ago and
a tribute to those yet to be born.

A memorial to a world that fades like a tide.
What secrets do they hold in cold-kissed stones that
 have seen the dawn of time?

In and out the reality twists and turns,
 where industry and nature crash,
clutching at each other in a primal dance of domination.

A fantasy that dances in the mists,
waiting to be built once more,
by those whose future shall become our past.

As the world changes and the tides fade,
ever shall one be a memory
 and the other a haunting dream. ~  
Futures Gone Past by Deadra Krieger

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