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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Contest of Tears

Many of us don't cry enough, and when we do cry, we view it as a shameful thing. Well, not today. I have a contest for you that turns crying into an opportunity. Details are as follows:

1) Read To Honor
2) Cry (or nearly cry)
3) Congrats, you are now eligible to enter the contest!

That's right, if you cried or came close to crying at all while reading To Honor you are now eligible to enter my contest. Just go to my website Click Here To Enter D. F.'s Super Cool Site and use the contact form to tell me what part of the book made you cry.

What's the prize, you might ask? Well, To Honor is part of the R&R Series. The second book, To Trust, is in progress. One lucky winner will get listed in the acknowledgments, a free copy (once it has been published), and a character named after them! Stellar prize, right?

Not sure you'll cry reading the book? I'm willing to take you up on that. Thus far, everyone who has contacted me over the book admitted they cried. I dare you to read it and see if you cry or not.

I'm running the contest for two weeks to give everyone a fair opportunity to find the time to read the book. If you haven't purchased the book, you can do so through my website.

Now, grab a copy of my book and your tissue boxes and get to sobbing! ~ D. F. Krieger

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