D. F. Krieger

Monday, August 27, 2012

Must Read Monday: Virtual Code: Infinity Love

Because, occasionally, I am allowed to toot my own horn!

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Zayda, mourning the death of her husband, creates a virtual reality program that will allow you to make and interact with models that walk, talk, and appear like any one you want. There's one thing she can't tell anyone—the data she used to create her husband came from his personal data chip. Data chips are installed at birth in every person and are considered the center of the soul. Use of data chips in programming is forbidden.

When Meric is activated, he exhibits behaviors unlike any of the test models that lead her to question reality and whether some laws are worth being broken. Or perhaps it's all just programming...

Virtual Code: Infinity Love is about the price that we sometimes pay for those we love. It's about conquering realities by forging our own. It is pain, love, and happiness. Sometimes the happiness that works for us does not suit everyone else, but our happiness is what matters. ~ D. F. Krieger

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