D. F. Krieger

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Writer Wednesday: Bulk it Up!

Your too thin when I look back. It makes me wary of you, or disappointed. I don't even know who you are. Never heard of you before this. 

Ah yes, the dreaded back list. How we authors loathe it. When will it ever be big enough to carry our weight for us? I've heard many authors complaining about a lack of sales, especially only months after their big release that they celebrated with fireworks and blog tours.

Here's the problem, so many people are publishing these days that unless you stand out from the crowd, no one is going to see you who isn't looking for you. How do you solve that? You make them want to look for you. The more books you release, and the quicker the succession, the longer your sales will last.

A lot of authors think they should make it big with one book. I'm sorry honey, but that kind of stuff doesn't usually happen. It takes hard work and building a reader base. You aren't going to build a reader base off of one book. How many people were singing the praises of J. K. Rowling with just her first Harry Potter book? I'd say she had to write about four before the reader base began to really build (let me state now I'm guessing before some die-hard fan rips my head off for being wrong.) Stephen King? Any writer worth their quill knows the up-hill climb he had to make before he hit it big.

 Releasing one book a year isn't going to do it either. If you to be taken seriously as a writer, you need to take writing seriously. Readers tend to read a lot of books, which means they read a lot of authors. If you aren't releasing frequently, they will forget you. Nothing against you, it's just the way the world works.

Even I have suffered from the dreaded back list. Sail My Oceans quickly became miniscule in the big picture. Maybe Baby consistently sells, but my name didn't make any awards lists. It was The Submission that put me on the map and, within two months, I released To Honor. To Honor, almost a month later, is still sitting in the top 50k on Amazon's ranking list. I'm not finished yet! This month I have two releases coming out; The Ravaged Anthology and Virtual Code: Infinity Love. Let's just say I pretty well have a release for every month this year and currently every two months next year.

"But I don't have time to write that much!"

I hate to be cruel but if you don't want the world to treat your writing like a hobby, don't treat it like one yourself. Many writers work day jobs, and they either make the time or use every spare moment to type at least a little on that next big novel.

Now get to writing! ~ D. F. Krieger


gayl said...

Great post and yes M'am!

Kimberly Gould said...

I have no problem writing 2-3 books in a year, but I can't get more than one published in that time. Through edits and then the publishing process, I'm lucky to get one a year. I just passed the anniversary of my first release and STILL don't have release dates for the two I signed contracts for in March. I'd love to have more to put out, but well, unless I slap it up on my own, it isn't going to happen. :(