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Monday, November 19, 2012

Must Read Monday: The Hero Sandwich

Can a one night stand become true love? Especially if it involves three people?

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A wild night of meaningless sex is all best friends Connie Hollingsway and Nicci Sullivan have in mind when they approach a beyond handsome, younger man in the Cougar Cave bar. They soon realize they have taken on more than they bargained for.

Barrett Michaels just found out he was cut from the Double A baseball team he played for. To drown his sorrows and ease his pain, he goes to the Cougar Cave looking for a one-night stand with an experienced, older woman. Imagine his surprise when not one, but two women suggest a night of mind-blowing sensual pleasure with no strings attached.

Can three lonely people keep pain, bitterness, and grief at bay or will emotional fireworks tear down the walls surrounding their hearts?

This book was an emotional roller-coaster for me.  I don't think I've ever read anything before that had me aroused and apprehensive at once. We all know that generally, when we read a romance story, there is going to be a happy ending. When I began to read this, I was afraid not everyone, if anyone at all, would get a happy ever after. It came to the point I not only wanted, but needed to see that perfect ending.

The unique situations that surround each of these characters wrenched my heart. Add that to the fact it was a menage book that involved an older woman with a younger man (hey, I'm kinda older than my husband!) and I was hooked. These two authors were a perfect compliment to the other's writing style and the flow from character to character is stellar, which certainly makes this a Must Read Monday! ~ D. F. Krieger

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