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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thankful Animals and Authors: Aurelia B. Rowl

Welcome to our last week of Thankful Animals and Authors. Today I have the pleasure of hosting Aurelia B. Rowl and her rescue dog, Buddy. Hello, Aurelia. Please tell us Buddy's story.

My husband and I had wanted a dog ever since we’d moved in together, but it was only once we bought our first home at the end of October 2004 that we could turn the dream into reality.
He’d fallen in love with the idea of getting a Boxer puppy – which I admit are super cute and very good dogs – and he’d even located a breeder in Anglesey, North Wales, who was expecting to have a litter ready early in the New Year. So that only gave me a few months to persuade him that he really wanted a rescue dog. 

After many subtle and not-so-subtle hints about a rescuing dog being a much better option than lining some breeders pocket, whilst saving a dog that may otherwise be destroyed if a home couldn’t be found, I succeeded in getting him to agree to have a look. The following Monday, now mid-November (yes, I’m a quick worker LOL), we went to have a look around our local RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) centre.

Wandering along the aisle, every kennel housing some poor unlucky soul, we spotted a little black & white dog. Noggin, as named by the centre, watched us all the way past his kennel, wagging his tail furiously, and then he watched us all the way back again. We went off to meet another dog, who was lovely, but then went back to take another look at Noggin. We’d been gone long enough for him to have returned to his bed but as soon as he saw us, he stood up and came to the front of his kennel, wagging his tail the entire time like a helicopter trying to take off.

That was it, we had to meet him. 

The staff told us he'd been found the Friday before and brought to the centre. He had no collar and no-one had tried to claim him or report him lost over the weekend and my heart broke a little for the poor thing. He had such a lovely temperament and was really calm, despite all the barking and howling going on around him. We were told that he was male, aged between five and six months old, and had just been vaccinated. Even the RSCPA staff had written "lovely dog!" on his kennel card! 

We loved him!

We went straight out to the reception area and asked what we'd need to do to get him. We put down our deposit and were told that provided nobody claimed him within the required seven-days since being found, he was ours and we could collect him on the Friday. The rest of the week was strange, buying things for him so that we were prepared, all the while hoping he really had been abandoned. Not exactly a nice thing to think really. 

Thankfully, no-one claimed him and off we went to fetch him, by which time we’d already decided on a name for him. Whilst we were at the centre the RSPCA wormed, flea-treated and microchipped him and that was that. In under a week, we suddenly had a dog. My husband went off back to work and I brought our new dog ‘Buddy’ home. He was really clingy around me first and wouldn't let me out of his sight but settled in really well. 

He is both the most intelligent, yet also the one of the dumbest animals I have ever come across. A black Labrador/Border Collie cross, and maybe a bit of whippet thrown in for good measure, he was like a sponge, soaking up all of the commands we taught him. When we had our first child a couple of years later, he adjusted brilliantly. Next came our daughter so now he had a toddler and a newborn to cope with, and again, he was brilliant. The kids love having a dog and I think it’s a great thing for any child to have a pet. Especially one that cleans up all the mess that they make when they leave trails of food everywhere. We definitely struck lucky seeing as we got a dog with no known history, I really don’t think we could have asked for a better family pet.

Buddy has now been with us for eight years and although he doesn’t get as much attention as he did when we first got him, he seems to enjoy being part of a larger pack. Plus he gets to have ‘mum’ around all day, every day, instead of just being visited quickly during a lunch break. Yes, having him has restricted our movements, and it does cost more when we want to go away on holiday because I refuse to put him into kennels. He gets to go on his own holiday instead by going to stay in home-boarding.

He will be the best friend you could ever have, hence his name, just as long as you’re not another dog. See, I didn’t say he was perfect… but he is ours, and he is one of the family.

Wow, what a story. If where you come from has Black Dog syndrome like we do here, you probably saved your dog's life more than you know.

Aurelia is a new author, and her debut release Christmas is Cancelled will be coming out through Breathless Press on December 21st. We don't have more than the cover right now, but I highly encourage you to read this story as soon as it does. As is, here is the cover to stare at.
Please come back on December 24th, when I do a highlight on this story and tell you why it's a must read! Until then, thank you for stopping by and thank you, Aurelia, for telling us Buddy's rescue tale.~ D. F. Krieger


Aurelia B Rowl said...

Thank you for having me.

I'm getting very excited as release date draws nearer!

Aurelia B Rowl said...

And I must confess to having to look up Black Dog syndrome - how very sad - even the dog on the wikipedia page was the spitting image of Buddy :-(

Téa Cooper said...

I think Buddy and Poppy would get on very well!
Thanks for sharing. I love these stories.
Looking forward to Christmas is Coming!

Aurelia B Rowl said...

Téa, if Poppy doesn't mind being barked at - as in, "Come on then, let's play. Shall I chase you first or you chase me? Well, hurry up then... I'm still waiting... Yay, look at us go.... What do you mean, you don't want to play any more? Please please please...", then you could well be right.

I can never find anyone willing to put with his excited barking to walk with :( He's got a passport though ;)

Samantha Veerasamy said...

Aww, a lovely post Aurelia and D.F! I have two bedlington terriers and they great little companions! x