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Friday, November 2, 2012

Thankful Animals and Authors: D. F. Krieger

The month of November is a time for reflection. As our busy outdoor activities tend to draw near an end, we humans begin to turn inward and remember. November is a month dedicated to being thankful for a large amount of our world, and I hope that as you turn your memories over like an old, worn photo album, that you'll find much to be grateful for and many moments that bring a smile back to your face.

Animals, also, often have much to be thankful for-and are more grateful than we give them credit for. I've spent years watching them, listening to them, and sharing the burdens of their soul as they have mine. I have a unique gift that I'm thankful for, you see. When animals talk, I have the ability to hear them in a way that most people can't. It is because of this gift that I have worked animal rescue in many places and a few different states. No matter where I go, there are always animals who could have a future if someone just took a moment to listen to their past.

Today marks the release of a book very special to my heart. Ruff Love: True Tails of Rescue is a collection of stories that (as the name implies) are true and very real. Each story relays the journey of an animal I met while working for Kat's Kennel and Rescue in Southern Illinois. The animals within these pages are not all I met, but they were by far the most extreme cases that needed the best listeners.

Only $2.49. Note: It would be appreciated if you purchase straight from the publisher's site as this yields a higher % of royalties to donate to rescue.

Let me tell you a little about Kat's Kennel. It is a small rescue run in the countryside of a very small town. Kathy Johnson is a stellar, kind hearted woman who was as quick to adopt me as one of her own as she is to pluck an animal from danger and nurse them. Every day she strives her best to find countless dogs, cats, horses, etc homes with someone who will not only love the animal, but understand them. Kathy and I worked well together. She was the dog and horse lady, I was the crazy cat girl. She taught me everything I know about horses, and much of what I know about running a rescue. I will forever be grateful for the invaluable knowledge she has parted to me.

Kat's Kennel is not a government facilitated rescue. Every dime put into the animals shots, surgeries, and general care is a reinvestment of donations, adoption fees, or money out of pocket from Kathy herself. Though five dollars may not seem like a big deal, it may make the difference between one more bale of hay for a starving horse just brought in, or another can of kitten milk replacer for a litter of orphans.

In an effort to help Kathy continue to run her shelter, even though I'm no longer in Illinois to physically help, I wrote Ruff Love: True Tails of Rescue. 60% of all royalties made from this book will go straight to the rescue so it can be invested in saving more lives. You will help a great cause and get a book to read!

If that still isn't enough to make you feel like you are helping, please visit the petfinder account I have linked here. All those little faces are at Kat's Kennel, right now, with the cold setting in and needing a home. Kat's Kennel has adopted all over the US (they don't just adopt locally) and their adoption fees are more than reasonable! They've even coordinated adoptions where the animal got to take an airplane trip. :) You can even tell her that Deadra sent you. :)

Follow my blog as every Tuesday and Thursday I feature a rescued animal and the author they own. There will be random giveaways and contests, so be sure to read every post! And please, remember one thing:

Opt to Adopt!  ~ Deadra "D. F." Krieger

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Angelina Rain said...

That is such a great thing that you're doing.

I did check out the petfinder page, thinking maybe I could volunteer my time but she's so far away. I'll send her a donation though.

There is one local near by shelter that I wanted to volunteer at (one that takes in a lot of pits after dog fighting) but it's in such a shitty neighborhood that I'm kinda afraid to drive through it.