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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thankful Animals and Authors: Katherine Wyvern

Today I have Katherine and Kaylee on my blog. Please welcome the two of them! Katherine, would you mind telling us a little bit about Kaylee's situation?

Kaylee is a 10 years old mostly-Haflinger mare, who came to us almost by chance in the fall of 2008.
We were looking for a good steady working horse for a grand travelling project that was forming, and we believed we had found it. It was a gorgeous, very adorable gelding that we called TomBoy. Kaylee was bought along with TomBoy mostly because they were pasture buddies and very attached to each other.
She was not a wholly inspiring horse. She was severely head-shy and overall nervous, she had a stubborn chronic founder, ribby sides, a wormy belly and a hint of roach back. She was a sad, melancholic, mistrusting animal. Still, we warmed up to her, because for all her nerves she was neither vicious nor spooky.  After a few weeks of cautious socializing, we had her shoes pulled.The farrier dismissed her as a useless laminitis case and advised us to take her back to the dealer.  I began taking care of her feet myself, rasping them mustang-style, and booting her up for long walks on hard trails. We started training her with the cart which we were to take on the trip, and as her feet improved, she obviously began to enjoy the long walks and the work. She slowly blossomed under our eyes.
In the meantime TomBoy turned out to be, for all his good looks and sweet temper, a dangerously scaredy horse on the trail, and very hard to train. Within six months we realized that we would not be able to take him with us on our trip. Kaylee, the foundered pasture buddy, became our priceless travelling companion. She pretty much single handedly saved our project.
She walked with us for 5000 km across Germany, France and Catalonia; she was never shod again, and is barefoot to this day, but she never limped once.  We crossed towns and rivers, walked along truck-crowded routes nationals, faced wild pigs, ferries, traffic, and snow storms, and she never let us down. She is the most courageous, generous horse I have ever met.
Now that we are somewhat settled in our new home, she is more or less a pet, a very beloved and spoilt pet in a beautiful, vast hillside pasture. We live just by and I can be with her just by stepping out of the door.  She still works with the cart from to time, and I have a mind to start riding her.Her feet are almost too hard to rasp and perfectly sound. She is scared of almost nothing, but she is still shy of strangers. Like me, she is not much of a people person!
Our 5000 km trip changed my life and the way I see myself, and she walked by my side every step of the way. The nameless “chestnut mare” at the center of the Head Shy story is my Kaylee.

Kaylee is gorgeous! Speaking of Head Shy, could you share it or any other works you have with us please?

Head Shy  at Evernight: 
Head Shy on Amazon:

The Garden of a Thousand Nightingales
available on Amazon:
Awesome. Thank you for stopping by. If you want to check out more about the lovely Ms. Wyvern, you can find her on Facebook or on her blog
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Leona said...

What a beautiful story! Good for you on looking to the horses needs that way! I love horses :)

Seleste deLaney/Julie Particka said...

She's a beautiful horse, and what an inspiring story. Animals surprise you in the absolute best ways. <3

max said...

So so so lovely. How inspiring.