D. F. Krieger

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Five Favorite Things Secret Cravings Blog Hop

"These are a few of my favorite things."

Yep, we all know the tune. When I was very young, an elderly friend of my mom's gave me a small, hand-sized doll that plays this song when you push a button on her. That was roughly 18 years ago and I still have that doll. She doesn't go on the Yule tree, even though she's an ornament. She is always placed gently on a bookshelf, above tiny fingers of toddlers (now that I'm a mom) and occasionally I will push the button so I can watch my kids listen to her as raptly as I used to.

Sentimental. Me? *Glances side to side* I have no idea what you are talking about...

*Ahem* Anyway, today I'd like to share a few of my favorite things with you:

1. Animal Rescue. Yes, we all know I'm an animal rescue buff. Why is it one of my favorite things? Because you just can't beat that feeling of pride and accomplishment when you see an animal find their forever family, especially when they've had a very harsh past, and you know you had a hand in it.

2. My Family. Yes, there are four of us, but we count as a singular unit. In my mind, if any of us were missing, we'd no longer be able to fully function, so family is considered one thing. I love my family. Some of us are crazy, some of us have so weird tastes that go this side of strange, some may be too hyper, loud, high-strung, or inexperienced but I wouldn't want it any other way.

3. Video Games. Video games are one of my few indulgences. I don't spend a lot of money on them, but there is nothing like the stress relief of smacking the holy heck out of a fierce dragon with my sword. Or knowing the only reason your husband survived being surrounded by all those orcs is because you are a stellar healer. (Love you, 'tupid barbarian.) Video games are a favorite thing of mine because they provide an outlet for my aggression and a getaway when I need it, but can't afford to really hunt down a dragon or the medical bills that will be involved if I smack it with a sword.

4. Crafts. I love to crochet, cross stitch, and paint statues. I love making something beautiful, even if it has no true purpose. Well, I can't say that about the blankets I've crocheted. You would literally need to kill half my family to take their blankets from them. Crafts are one of my favorite things because they also provide me a sense of stress relief. A calm washes over me when I'm doing any of these things and since it's a healthy, I don't need to see a psychiatrist for my addiction, kind of stress relief, I think we're good.

5. Secret Cravings Publishing. I know we were only supposed to pick one book, but I can't. Every single book I have with SCP is special to me and a favorite in its own way. Maybe Baby was a dedication to my husband when he was constantly gone in the Navy. It was my way of showing him the future I hoped we could achieve and the love I have for him. To Honor is an outlet for some very emotional things that happened to me, and my way or reaching out to those who might be suffering from depression. It was my way of saying, "You are not alone." Virtual Code: Infinity Love is a philosophical piece that begs a single question: "When you have nothing left, and you are given the chance to gain everything back, what extreme would you go to?"

I would like to give you, dear reader, an opportunity to pick which story you'd like to win out of the three mentioned above. Please leave a comment sharing a favorite thing with me, plus your e-mail addy so I can contact you if you win (please really do this because it sucks having to track people down!)

If you aren't a member already, please come sign up at SCP's reader's group. Our publisher is constantly holding giveaways, chats with authors, and posting submission calls. You can find it here. Please actually go to this page and join this group as other authors will be posting their favorite things and giveaways too!

 To go the Secret Cravings Publishing blog, click here.

And no matter how you celebrate, whether you are religious or not, and where you are, have a safe and happy holidays! ~ D. F. Krieger

Monday, December 10, 2012

Must Read Monday: Sucking Santa's Candy Cane

One of the funniest, sexiest Christmas stories I've read. ~ D. F. Krieger

Click to buy. On sale for 2.99!

Noelle has always been a good girl, but when she meets a man named Santa Claus, her naughty side is unleashed. She indulges in her sexual desires with this handsome stranger with the very bizarre name.

Santa Claus isn't real—is he? Will Noelle learn to believe in magic and miracles while in the arms of her handsome lover?

This is one of the funniest, sexiest stories I've ever read. Add the fact that it's a Christmas story at this time of the year, and I couldn't put it down. I have to admit, the story had me squirming while I read the hot pieces, and there was more than once I got an odd look from my cats because I burst out laughing. I'll just share to words: magical cum.

I also liked the fact the book had a serious tone to it. The heroine didn't blissfully jump into bed with a stranger and have no second thoughts which was a plus and gave the author good marks in my mind. I finished the book pretty quickly, and would recommend it to anyone who wants a short, dirty and fun read. This is definitely a Must Read~ D. F. Krieger

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Writer Wednesday: Dom It, NO!

It's been awhile since I've climbed up on my pedestal and preached to the choir. Today, I'm not even doing that. I am going to climb on my soap box and yell at the you. For you, dear authors and readers, are the enemy. You're making me very angry, and you won't like me when I get angry. So listen up because I'm only going to say this once, "Stop acting like you know BDSM."

Yeah, that's right. I touched that subject. I didn't just touch it with a ten foot pole, either. I'm getting ready to rub up against it, smack its butt, and spoonfeed a painful truth down your throat. Read on if your gag reflex isn't already working overtime.

Let's go over some points. BDSM is not where a guy who has an "I'm an asshole, you shall obey my every word" complex ties up a woman and uses her like a whipping post for sexual pleasure. If you think that, you needed to just walk out now. Here's your cone of shame to wear while you go. I'm sick of seeing this in fiction and it makes me ashamed of you people.

BDSM is a complex relationship that takes tons of time and effort to develop. It is not club orgies where everyone is fucking a random stranger and screaming, "Yes, Master!" That's just gross. If you walked into the BDSM community with that kind of expectations you would get kicked out and labeled a "creeper." We don't like you guys because you are a threat to us all.

Yes, I just said US. I am an active participant in my community and I'm not ashamed to admit it. While I may be more knowledgeable than you on the lifestyle, I'll admit I'm still learning too. Which brings me to another point: do your freaking research, people. Goddess! You wouldn't write a historical romance without doing some research on the time period. You wouldn't write about a culture without first researching their customs. So why the hell do you think you can write about BDSM and not do any research? It IS a culture. You are offending an entire culture when you do it wrong; we're just still sensitive about openly being allowed to practice the lifestyle.

Note: If you can't do the research because it embarrasses you to look at those photos/ read about that sex toy/ learn about those custom between a Master and sub, then you need to find something else to write. Grow up and do it right, or don't do it at all.

Let me highlight some points on BDSM that you people can't seem to get through your heads:

* The relationship between a Master and his sub/pet/slave (yeah, see that? There are even complexities to the bottom role and if you don't know how to distinguish between them you need to what?...RESEARCH!) is a time consuming, lengthy situation. The Dom must learn his subs limits, why they have them, get a feel for their personality, and learn what they do like. All the while they must also be aware of each other as a person, as well as a role. It takes time, effort, patience, room for error, and talking. Lots and lots of talking.

* People in the BDSM community are big on asking for permission to touch during any kind of group activity. Even something as laid back as having a lunch together. Until they get to really know each other and be at ease, a Dom A will always ask Dom B for permission to even give a sub a hug that belongs to Dom B. Boundaries and limits are respected, and if they aren't, you will be evicted from the community. (Note: Some subs may have issues with being touched by anyone and again, this is where we refer to the prior *. A good Dom will know whether or not his sub is comfortable with being hugged, or being hugged by that particular person and will act accordingly.)

* When a couple participates in BDSM-related sexual activity, everything must have already been agreed upon and discussed. If it wasn't, your man masquerading as a Master sucks and needs to have his Dom card pulled. This means a Dom can NOT walk up to a random stranger and go "I want to fuck you," and proceed to do anything BDSM related without ASKING HER FIRST. Yes, how the hell are you supposed to know if someone has deep emotional scars or limits if you haven't asked them first? Example: I will kill you where you stand if you EVER think of shoving anything up my butt. My husband/Dom knows this and is completely respectful of it. He knows this isn't a gray area for me, and knows it isn't something that can have the limits pushed. He also knows why I have the issues I do. He learned all this by TALKING to me before anything sexual and related to it ever began.

I think I've highlight enough points that you should all be aware of from now on. You want to learn more, research it yourself. The point is, I swear to the gods if I come across anymore books where two strangers randomly meet in a club (especially if she is a BDSM virgin) and he proceeds to beat the crap out of her with a flogger while she's handcuffed in the name of sexual pleasure, I'm going to go Domme on the author's ass and beat them. I want to hear you scream "Red!" and your ass WILL be red by the time I'm done with you. Now, with that imagine in your mind, I shall leave you be. ~ D. F. Krieger