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Friday, May 10, 2013

4 Least and Most Favorite Books

In honor of upcoming Mother's Day, I've decided to write a post about playing favorites. Now, before you gasp and point, I'm talking about books, not kids. I love my children equally, and always strive to give my boys the attention they deserve without pushing away the other.

Now, back to the subject here. Admit it! We all do it! We all have that one book that is our favorite, and that one we tend to sweep under the rug when people ask us about our backlist. I'm not ashamed. I do it every damn day. I'll even tell you now which ones I like the most and which ones I like the least (and runners up for both.)

I'll start with my least favorites, just to make you all squirm and suffer. ;)

My runner up for least favorite is To Honor. Yeah, it is my BIGGEST seller, but I can't hardly look at that book without flinching. It's no secret I wrote that book based largely on real life events that happened to me. Someday, I might even became brave enough to open up and talk about it. But one thing I know for sure, there are two things about that book that bother me. The first is when people rant about how the heroine, Evelyn, "attempted suicide because her husband cheated on her." Ummm, no. You clearly didn't get it. Evelyn attempted suicide because of her husband constantly being gone and their marriage falling apart, her newborn infant dying, and a car wreck that put her in a coma. She'd struggled to fight her depression and stay alive for her husband, despite the daily pain and misery. When she found out about the affair, and he said he wanted a divorce, she decided there was nothing left to live for. Evelyn was not a man-dependent drama queen and it offends the crap out of me when people think she is. Of course, I'm sure this rant is a bit personal, because in essence I feel like they are calling me a man-dependent drama queen. Grrr.

The second reason I can't stand To Honor is I can not read that book without bawling like a baby. Yeah, I know. I wrote it, I should be able to read it. Truth is, I can't! So, I guess as I reread what I wrote, I am going to have to come to terms with something--I have a love/hate relationship with this story. It is my intention, if I ever think I can emotionally handle it, to write a longer, full-length version of To Honor.

Least Favorite book is my very first, Sail My Oceans. I admit it, the only reason I say that is because my writing has changed and evolved so much since I wrote that book that I cringe when I look at it. There's nothing wrong with the story itself, and I absolutely adore the characters, but it is not my best example of my own writing, by far!

My runner up for most favorite is my non-fiction story, Ruff Love. Many of you know how passionate I am about animal rescue. Kat's Kennel and Rescue will always hold a special place in my heart. Kathy, the owner, has become a surrogate mother to me since my own passed away, and there isn't a week goes by I don't email or speak on the phone with her. Rescue work is so emotionally exhausting, and physically exhausting as well, and no one even knows it outside of those who work it. For example, I'm currently sitting here with five hours of sleep. I had to get up every three hours throughout the night because I have two, one-week-old kittens I'm bottle feeding. I'm tired as all hell, but I also have a job, and a household to run, plus a three-year-old who isn't going to laze about all day just because Mommy's tired. It is my hope that for each person that reads Ruff Love, a new home for a rescue animal or a donation to a rescue is made. It's no secret I donate a good deal of the royalties to Kat's Kennel.

My favorite book I've written thus far has to be Wolves and Warrants. Don't get me wrong, the first book was such a relief to write, and I love that book, but the sequel allowed me to really get to know my characters. They've started to flesh out and move in directions I never imagined, giving me a whole new world to play with. Between Zeara's smarty comments, Zane's adorable geekiness, Jake's protective sweet sexiness, Karma's badassness, Magic's overall awesomeness, and now add Veltis and his appeal; I'm having a blast. It also helps that since these books are Urban Fantasy instead of strictly romance, I don't have to rush the plot so I can throw people in bed. Love, love, love this book in more ways that I can ever explain!

I hope you enjoyed today's honest, in-depth post. If I offended some of you, well, I'm sorta sorry, but it was a hellova lot of fun! To the rest of you, I leave you with a question:

If you are a writer: Which book is your favorite child, and which is the one you ignore?
If you are a reader: Is there such a thing as "There is no bad publicity?"  ~ D. F. Krieger

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