D. F. Krieger

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Gearing Up for NaNo

*Crackle, static* Houston, we have a NaNoWriMo in sight. T-minus seven days and counting...Permission to start preparations for engagement?

Yeah. NaNo. It's that big of a deal. I participated in my first NaNo in 2011, but didn't win. Last year, I buckled down and busted my butt. I won. Barely. By the width of a hair. I still got the T-shirt and wear it with pride.

For the sake of my ramblings, we'll assume everyone who reads this knows what NaNo is. If you don't, I dare you to post "What is NaNo?" on your favorite social media. Trust me, gasps of disbelief and education will ensue. But I digress...

What I wanted to chat about today was the amusement I see in watching fellow authors gear up for the event. I'm seeing people going frantic plotting so they know every moment of every thing that will happen in their book before they ever hit that first key stroke. I'm watching people ride the fence between wanting to participate and not, though we all know they'll cave, dabble, then allow themselves to be swept away in "life" so they can later bemoan how NaNo never came to be for them. I'm reading social statuses with amusement as people sling their ideas at each other like Bridezillas comparing (read competing) wedding themes.

My local NaNo group is hosting write-ins (though to be fair they do them year round), preparing activities, and bubbling over with chatter and well wishes. I'm pretty quiet so I don't think they even know I exist, but I ghost around in the background on our group Facebook page just the same. Maybe one day I'll be brave enough to actually attend a second write-in. Even better, I might learn to let words come out of my mouth more than, "Hi" followed by an uncomfortable shuffle of my feet until I finally bolt for a table and curse how my social anxiety froze my brain and killed all the word making abilities of good.

My personal preparations for NaNo? Ha. I have a vague idea of a new story I want to toy with. I will write it when it's the 1st and officially time to write it. No notes to work from. No extensive plotting. Probably no write-ins in large groups of people who I'm supposed to feel comfortable around because we share a common purpose. The most I'll probably do when it comes to write-ins is perhaps "sponsor" an online version via social media. Oh, a NaNo group for me and my net friends. That's so much better than the group of me and my pretend friends I was planning on doing!

Okay fine, I'm going to go gear up for NaNo now. I'll be sure to read the definition of "hypocrite" on my way out. ~ D. F. Krieger


Mychael Black said...

LOL I don't have much more than you right now. No title, just a very (very) vague plot idea...and the amusing, startling knowledge that I'm actually going to attempt my first Male/Female romance--for NaNo. Yeah. This should be interesting. LOL

Leona said...

LOL I'm doing NaNo. Problem is deciding which book. I have an 88k word rewrite *assigned by you ahem* but that may be cheating. I have many many stories that need finishing, and many more that need written...What shall I do? Science fiction, paranormal, mystery? Oh the choices! Ooooh I could write the sequel to the rewrite... That rewrite is the first Nano I ever did, and I succeeded. 52k with a one year old Down Syndrome kid, in the middle of San Antonio (I'm from a small town that celebrated when they went over 10k since I've become an adult), no writing friends whatsoever, husband working and going to school, so I had no help...Oh and three other kids. Hmmm... Doesn't leave me with an excuse to fail this year, does it?

Kimberly Gould said...

I'll be skipping NaNo this year. I failed last year thanks to a novella that didn't want to write and this year, I don't have any plots kicking my brain to be written. Best of luck to you though!!

kastil said...

I only have a nidea because I plotted out three books over the summer. For hte past two years I used NaNo for little stories and finishing up old projects. This year's is a jumpstart of a newnovel altogether.