D. F. Krieger

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Birthday Bash Winners!

Wow, we had a fantastic turn out for the birthday bash. I want to thank each and every one of you for making this a memorable, exciting, and happy birthday for me! It was tons of fun reading all your answers and seeing the new faces.

Before I announce winners, I thought I'd do two things. First, I'd like to reveal the cover in completion for the second book in the Faxfire Series, Wolves and Warrants.

Isn't that just the most gorgeous cover? I love it!

Now, I suppose I should give you guys answers to the Guess the Characters game.

Zeara Faxfire
Jake Markovich
Magus "Magic" Faxfire
Zane Adamson

I hope you all enjoyed the game. I also hope that being introduced to the characters made this a fun experience, and will allow you to truly see them as you read about them.

Now, what you all have been waiting for:

The winner of the $25 Amazon gift card is: Jesabella
The winner of the $50 Amazon gift card is: Sie
The winner of the Magic necklace is: Sheri
The winner of the SWAG is: Aurora

Congrats to you all. So many people participated and entered that it was almost overwhelming. Because it's my birthday celebration and I can, I'm giving away a consolation prize to everyone who entered and completed the hop: any choice of book from my backlist!



Would you all please leave me a comment and e-mail address with what book you'd like a .pdf of? You can find a complete list of my books on my website (dfkrieger.com)

I'll be contacting the winners of the other prizes via e-mail to notify them what they've won and make arrangements to get them their prizes. Thank you all again for making this the best birthday a girl could have!

Love and Magic,

Deadra "D. F." Krieger

Edit: It has come to my attention that someone left the following comment on this post. I'd like to address this publicly, in case there was any misunderstanding:

Anonymous wrote, "Wow! Trix did not even answer all of the questions and won?? Friend maybe???"

My reply: Ah, how sweet. If I'd known I was going to have help tallying all the comments and going to each blog to be sure everyone commented, I wouldn't have spent an hour doing it all by myself today. I wish you had left your name so I could thank you for your thoughtfulness for back-checking, though not your accuracy. If you'd really checked, Trix did leave a comment at each of the blogs, though her name was mostly Vita. I checked by e-mail address rather than name as I noticed some people were leaving comments as two different names and I didn't want anyone disqualified due to that oversight. On a side note: all of my major gift winners except for one were people who I don't believe I've had the pleasure of meeting before. And the one person who is a close friend, won a prize that wasn't even the grand prize only by a roll of an online number generator (just like everyone else.) 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Birthday Bash Blog Hop!

Hello Everyone and welcome to my birthday bash! I'm so excited to have you all here. As promised, we're going to have some fun and games, but first, I'd like to give you all a list of prizes!

  • A Kindle Fire
  • One winner gets to name a character in the 3rd Faxfire Series book, Butterflies in the Bakery.
  • $50 Amazon gift card
  • Free copy of Panthers in the Playground (Book 1 of the Faxfire Series)
  • SWAG! (Swag so awesome it's just going to be called...SWAG)
  • Lovely necklace featuring Magic pictured below

 Isn't that just the coolest necklace? So, we need the rules, right? Please read them, they are very important:

On the blogs featuring a character, you must guess the character's name. It doesn't really matter if you get it right or wrong, so much as you play.

For blogs featuring a cover reveal, the blog owner will be asking you a question. I've left the question up to the host, but you must answer it.

Once you have visited all the blogs and left an answer on each of them (9 total), you'll come back here and leave me a comment that you've visited them all.

And that's it! You're entered to win one of the many prizes above!

Come join the fun!

I will be revealing the full cover on Sunday, as well as announcing all the winners. Please remember to leave me a way to contact you in case you are a winner!

(*Note: The participating blogs were not given names of characters and therefore were not given an advantage should they wish to play. All choices of winners will be made through a roll of a dice. Best of lucky everyone!)