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Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday Review: Borderlands 2

Hey everyone,

I decided to changed up my Must Read Monday's to also include video games, music, etc. Things that I am passionate about. As I'm on vacation from the day job this week, I wanted to cover one of my greatest passions outside of books, family, and pets: video games. I'm sure if you are a regular visitor, you've realized by now I might have a bit of an addiction (because let's face it, I can NOT stop any time I want. I'm a lifer.)

After playing for about two months, I finally beat a video game I've been working on playing with my husband. Borderlands 2 was a mixture of humor and grit that captured me despite my beginning misgivings.

When I looked at the image above, I didn't like it at first. I'm not a huge fan of comic books, so the graphics weren't my cup of tea. After begging, griping, and finally demanding, my husband managed to swing me into trying the game out. Within 20 minutes I was in love. Within an hour, I was addicted.

The range of characters is broad enough that you have access to various playing styles, and despite the fact you can't change the gender of your character, you can certainly unlock a ton of ways for them to look. This pleased me as some days I was in the mood for a more morbid look, others I simply wanted to be pretty.

There are four main characters (siren, gunzerker, assassin, commando) with the ability to use two other characters (mechromancer, psycho.)  I have used the assassin, siren, and mechromancer. I beat the game with my mechromancer file. Each character brings something unique to the table, but has the ability to branch out in different ways so even if you buddy up with another character like yours, you certainly won't have the same skills.

The humor throughout this game really struck me with it's perfect blend of dark, witty, and sarcastic. The main antagonist, Handsome Jack, had me laughing with his blatant sarcasm and hatred of the protagonists. He is the epitome of every funny yet mean thing you ever thought about, but never dared say. Here is him, with a quote from something he actually says in the game that had me freaking rolling laughing:

There are several different kinds of guns you can use, along with grenade mods that allow you everything from elements added to your grenade to homing devices on them. You are also able to perform melee attacks and some guns come with a blade which gives extra damage for those. Personally, I adored my sniper rifle and shot gun. ;)

The graphics were actually quite gorgeous, and game play was coupled with a soundtrack that just blew my mind. There were appearances by characters from the first game (I never played it, but I know I'm going to now) and challenges that kept you from ever becoming bored. Challenges could be anything from finding Vault Symbols (and trust me, some of them are so hard to find you'll flop in the floor in frustration, only to smack yourself in the forehead when you give in and look it up) to killing so many of certain kinds of enemies. It plays solely in 1st person, which used to bother me before I played Halo 4 but now it feels natural.

I give this game a complete 5 star review. The creators made me care about the characters, even the villainous Handsome Jack, and sucked me into a world that I just don't want to leave. I learned get through gunfights while keeping an eye out for things that might help in my surroundings. I became determined to unlock all the achievements (the completionist in me was like YEAH! <--Mechromancer quote in the game.) And I can assure you, with all my heart, I'll be the first in line should they ever release a third in the series. All the qualities make this game an absolute MUST ~ D. F. Krieger

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Kimberly Gould said...

My husband plays borderlands, but I didn't realize there was Borderlands2. It looks a lot different. I'm not so good with the real time games. I like puzzles.