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Monday, May 26, 2014

Must Read Monday: Demon of Envy

I have the other books in the series, and even have the paperback compilation of the first 3. This is a series I simply can't get enough of. The Gods of Love Series by Jennifer Lynne covers so many subjects that it's out of this world. Today, I'm reviewing her newest, Demon of Envy.

Phthonos, Greek god of envy & jealousy, has been given a second chance at life and love in the mortal realm. The wayward son of the goddess Aphrodite and brother to the erotes is desperate to make up for the mistakes of his past. But is Thon more demon than god? And if the demon Envy wins out, how will this lonely god ever find room in his heart for love?
Olivia is an ordinary woman living an ordered life, but at thirty-two true romance appears to have eluded her. Everywhere she turns people are in relationships or falling in love, but her career and her charity work are enough to keep the demon of envy at bay.

Until the moment he turns up on her doorstep with a demand that rips her life and her heart wide open and leaves her at risk of eternal torment.
I absolutely love the concept of how destructive and tangible Envy can be. How a prank meant to inspire jealousy can backfire into pain and disruption. I also love the fact that Olivia isn't your cookie-cutter curvy size 0 heroine. She's a normal sized woman with real self esteem issues.

Once again, Ms. Lynne has taken touchy and sometimes painful subjects, and weaved them into a plot that draws a reader in. Issues aren't quickly forgotten in the heat of passion, nor do the gods in her stories wave a magic hand that fixes everything. At the end of this story, we are left knowing there will still be some emotional healing that needs to be done on both sides, but confident they'll get through it all.

This series is one of the few that I've read every book to date, and I'm left hoping there will be more and looking forward to the next work she puts out. The dedication she's inspired in me as a fan, as well as the delivery in Demon of Envy is what makes this a Must Read! ~ D. F. Krieger

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