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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Writer's Wednesday: The Elusive Star

I wrote an article back during my release tour, when Wolves came to print. In it, I spoke of How to Kill Your Desire to Write. You can read the article here. I was surprised to find that though the majority of the comments I received agreed with my article, there were some where people stated they had no idea what a Silver Star on ARe was. I had over a handful of people email me. When I described what it was, I was also asked how it works.

Well now, it sounds like it's time for a new Writer Wednesday article. :) 

To start from the beginning, there is a website called ARe, or known as All Romance ebooks. They are one of the top book selling sources out there, and are so awesome, they've created their own best seller star. It is small, silver, and completely coveted by authors. It means your book did amazing among all the books on ARe. It's bragging rights, let me tell you.

Now, I have achieved this dream. Both The Submission and The Publisher's Proposal received a star, as well as the anthology Midnight Seduction. But I don't brag too hard because two of those books were co-authored, and one was an antho. This means I've never snagged a star all by my lonesome. That doesn't keep me from posting this graphic on my website below those titles:

You are probably asking how one knows they have achieved a Silver Star. Well, you can run your name on the website's search engine. It'll pull up any title you have for sale through them. You'll scan the listing of your books and behold, the Silver Star doth appear...if you earned it. It will look like this:

See that little circle with the star? Yep, that's it. That's all. It doesn't even sparkle. But there are authors who would kill for it.

Now, you are probably asking how one achieves said star. Well, here's the thing; it's by selling books. The problem is, there is no magic number. I do know that the amount you need to sell to obtain it varies by category. The less competition you have in that category, the easier it is to obtain. So, in essence, snagging one in Paranormal is going to take far more sales than something like Transgender Romance. But there isn't a certain amount of copies you can sell that will automatically get you that star.

All I can say is, "Go forth, write, and good luck!" ~ D. F. Krieger

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ksblacketer said...

I just checked books. I have a silver star! Crazy. I didn't even know about them until you told me. <3 thanks.