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Monday, October 27, 2014

Must Read Monday: The Millionaire's Masquerade

A short, sexy read that leaves you both satisfied and wanting more!

Hidden desires…

When it comes to her sinfully sexy boss, Meg Daniels acts like a lovesick teenager. For two years, Aidan Forrester has been nothing but professional. She has a plan. Before she finishes her last day as his administrative assistant, she’s going to tell him how she feels. But when he marches past her desk without a glance, then decides not to attend the Christmas party for a goodbye drink, she loses her nerve—so much for being a sexually liberated woman. However, a mysterious invitation to a masquerade ball will show her just how liberated she really is.

Revealed passions…

Aidan is tired of fighting his attraction to the gorgeous Meg. Beneath her buttoned up shirts and knee-length skirts, hides a woman who needs the opportunity to let lose. Now that she no longer works for him, he knows how to make that happen. If his seduction goes to plan, he’ll show her exactly how he feels and give her a night that will change both of their lives…forever.
Sometimes you get the opportunity to read something you never would have known to pick up on your own. Sometimes you discover that flawless diamond amongst all the shinies that just calls to a deeper part of you. The Millionaire's Masquerade did that for me.

The tension and desire are clear from the get-go in this story, yet you still find yourself on the edge of your seat. The details are sexy, the story is well written, and the plot is sound. The story is just short enough to let you read it before bedtime, without leaving you feeling rushed or cheated.

The blurb gives an accurate description of the plot, and I won't say more for fear of giving away the story. Let's just say that though I'm happy with this story, it leaves me eager to read any future installments of this series. That makes this a Must Read! - D. F. Krieger

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