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Monday, January 19, 2015

Must Read Monday: Blue Moon House-Gentleman

 The author goes further than ever in the third installment of the Blue Moon House series!

Harrold lives an empty life. He has no joy in his marriage, no love of his work. His only reprieve is found at the hands of the whores, the ones he pays to beat and debase him. Upon being accepted into Blue Moon House, he learns the real cost for his desires, and what underlying need is really aching to be filled.

Could you be an equal and a subordinate at the same time?

How long would you hold out if you knew what you wanted would be paid for in blood?
In the third book, author Angelica Dawson gives us a glimpse of the past where we follow Harrold's story. I hope she does this for all of the characters who live there, as it's a real pleasure to see why they are who they are, and how they came to be at Blue Moon House. I think Gentleman is by far the darkest places we've ever been though. BDSM isn't all dark, but like everything, it does have it's darker side. Miss Dawson intricately weaves the details of Harrold's life until we actually understand why he desires the things he does.

The various subjects she touches on (slavery, bi-sexual discovery, lesbianism, politics, BDSM limits, etc) are all described with enough depth that I feel like I read something far more profound than a kink story. I read something that represented a man's struggle in a historical era to find himself and come to terms with his desires.

I will warn you, the Blue Moon series is very, very erotic. It is not, in any fashion, for those looking for a light spanking story. It will press your limits in a way that makes you crave more even while you struggle to remember your safe word. As always, Angelica Dawson has dazzled me. That's why this is definitely a Must Read! ~ D. F. Krieger

*Gentleman was given to me in exchange for an honest review by the publisher. I in no way edited this book, nor do I work for the publisher who released it.

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