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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It's All About Me Sometimes

The other day, a fellow author was talking about how she neglects her blog because she doesn't know what to talk about that's writing related. There's only so much an author can say without performing the whole, "Buy my book!" spam that is hated by all. I was quick to respond that readers care more about getting to know authors as a person. What they're in to, what their lives are like, etc. That she should worry more about writing the posts for entertainment value and to keep posting instead of worrying about giving advice to readers about how to write.


I really should learn to look in a mirror some days because I realized I've dwindled down to minimal posts, mostly because I've run out of advice to give aspiring writers. Well, uh, this is awkward. Yup. Calling the kettle black and all that.

So I'm here to fix it.

Hi, my name is D. F. Krieger. Kinda, sorta. Yeah, yeah. So we all know by now my real name is Deadra Krieger. I'm not going to admit what the F stands for. My momma was a hippie and no, it doesn't stand for Flower. But I write as D. F. because even people I know in person don't always pronounce my name correctly. I figured it would be easier for people to remember D. F. than a name they probably shorten in their head anyway. ;)

I figured I'd start by covering the basics today. I love video games. Sometimes you'll see me post video game reviews on here because gaming is a passion my husband, children, and myself share. I own a PS4, a PS3, and a Nintendo 3DS (that is almost worn out...and it's pink. Don't judge me!)

Speaking of passions, there's some topics I'm rather passionate about. Talk to me about them and you'll see me light up like a Christmas tree as I take you into in-depth discussion. First, I'm passionate about animal rescue. So much so I have 7 cats, 2 dogs, and two horses. Most of them came from rescue situations or shelters. I worked animal rescue for 16 years, and I still avidly support Katz Kennel and Rescue based out of Illinois (I worked there for a few years and the lady who owns it is like a mother to me. You can't find a more kind-hearted, loving, genuine woman.)

I'm passionate about PTSD and depression. Hmmm, that came out wrong. I'm an advocate for trying to help the general public gain a better understanding of these two diseases. I suffer from both (emphasis on the word suffer some days) and I know what its like to feel as if no one believes you or takes you seriously. It can land you in dark places you don't really want to be. I don't want anyone else to feel that way if I can help it.

I'm passionate about writing stories that give people hope. I've even just released the first book in a new romance series based on marriages that need help and healing (Shameless plug here for Whispered Desires.) I believe we often are attracted to reading fiction that is a reflection of the lives/traits we'd like. I want men and women who would like to read a love story about fixing a shaky marriage to read my stuff and walk away feeling more confident in achieving that. I don't expect my books to substitute for therapy, but I'd like my fiction to be able to give a couple the confidence to seek therapy. Maybe it's a pipe dream, but no one ever said passions had to make sense.

So uh, yeah. That's some about me. I'm always interested in learning more about other people to. Anyone wanna tell me about their passions? ~ D. F. Krieger

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Kimberly Gould said...

Great to get to know you, again, some more? :D My blog is currently pumping out free fiction because that's what I like to write, so sue me. LOL