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Friday, April 24, 2015


Have you ever heard that song by The Cure called Gone? Right now, it really resonates with my life. Particularly:

Oh you know how it is
Wake up feeling blue
And everything that could be wrong is
Including you
Black clouds and rain and pain in your head
And all you want to do is stay in bed

But if you do that you'll be missing the world
Because it doesn't stop turning whatever you heard
If you do that you'll be missing the world
You have to get up get out and get gone!

As many regular visitors to my blog know, I'm the Editor in Chief for Breathless Press. *Ahem* Was... I was. But due to various reasons, the publisher decided to close its doors and will be officially out of business as of May 1st. What does this mean for me?

My job of 4 years is gone. Poof. Out of existence. I'm not panicking too hard though, and I'll tell you why in a minute. First, I'd like to cover how it affects me as an author.

Several of my titles as an author are now unpublished, or will be. Depends on how long it takes the ebook facilitator at Breathless to take them down. I'm in no rush. She has 750 titles to slog through, and my books need some rewrites anyway.

What does this mean for my readers? Well, don't freak out when I say rewrites. His Prey will remain largely untouched. I'll probably do another read-through and some basic edits just to pretty it up with things I've learned as I've grown as a writer and editor.

Red as a Rose will have some rewrites to answer some questions that readers posed. Mainly, they wanted to know if Tobias was the alpha of his clan, and I'll be clearing that up. I'm glad I'm getting this story back under my control as I have an entire slew of fairy tale and nursery rhyme themed stories set in this world that I want to write and release. That means, though, that I would like to wait a tad before putting this back on the market. I'd like to get at least another in this series finished before I put it back out in the world.

The biggest changes are coming for the Faxfire Series.The book has been through two publishers now and though it has an audience, the reach just isn't what I want. I realized why, though. The book is an Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Mystery. Though it has romantic elements, it is not a romance. So when I keep tossing it at romance publishers, I'm essentially throwing it in waters it can't compete in. My fault, not the publishers.  So the following changes will take place:

*I will self pub the series as an Urban Fantasy
*The original plan was 6 books at 50k words apiece. I will be condensing it into a trilogy (3 books at 100k apiece)
*I will be releasing the book as print and ebook
*I will be getting new cover art for the series (darker looking stuff that reflects the true content of the book)
*I will be doing some minor edits to the first two books as I work on combining them into a single book.
*I plan to release the series in 2016 as I've already got several releases planned out for 2015. This will also give me time to write book 2 (formerly books 3 and 4) so there isn't a huge gap between releases.

So sorry Faxfire Fans, but the books will be on hiatus. I promise they'll come back bigger and better than before.

Now, as to why I'm not panicking over losing my job at BP? Well, to be honest, between my impending due date to have a baby in July, and the steady growth of my freelance editing business, Krieger Kreations, I'm just really not stressing. I've plenty of work coming in, and I was already talking to the publisher about leaving BP when I gave birth. So though my heart goes out to everyone affected by the closure, I'm not freaking out about my own future. I've got to get up, get out, and get gone.

And to those who are stressing and want to give up writing because of the closure of one publishing company, I'll point again to the lyrics listed above. "If you do that, you'll be missing the world. Because it doesn't stop turning, whatever you've heard."

~ D. F. Krieger


Lisa said...

This post, despite the nature of upheaval, inspired me. Thank you for this...keep writing - don't stop. Lisa McManus Lange

D. F. Krieger said...

I'm really glad I was able to inspire you, Lisa. You're a very talented writer, and any publisher will be blessed to have you. I hope you'll keep your head up and your writing hat on!