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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Orange Drink of Ick!

Somehow, Spring Break is over and everyone survived unharmed. I'm actually more than a little shocked. Once we got to the middle of the week, the kids seemed to finally reach a stand off that resulted in them being strangely civil to each other. It was scary. They played together quietly, coordinated on video games, and quit whining every two seconds. I began to wonder if my kids were replaced with clones engineered to be nice to each other.

Then my oldest returned to school, and my youngest started this whining about everything phase and I knew all was normal in the world. Okay, so normally Tank doesn't whine. He's really a calm kid who just kinda rolls through everything with his own unique view point of the world. Example, he asked me at dinner last night what my unborn daughter's name was before she came to my tummy. Uh... 0.o  Dude, that's deep.

On a side note, I took my glucose test Monday. It was every bit as miserable as I remembered them being. Except, when the heck did they change it from the tiny cup of crunchy nasty orange flavored liquid ick to an entire bottle of orange Crush gone deadly? *Shudder* By some grace of the gods, I managed not to throw up during that hour of waiting time until my blood could be drawn.

My poor husband though. This is his first child and though I warned him I'd be sick from the Orange Drink of Death and the following blood draw, I don't think he realized just how sick I meant. I'm pretty sure I sounded like a slurred drunk on the walk back to the truck. Now, the truck is mine. Hubby doesn't drive my truck. Period. End of story. He's not familiar with driving large vehicles, and he's happy that way. But that day, he drove us home. In my woozy state, I decided to critique every single thing he did.

I'm still not sure why he insisted I take a nap like a grumpy 2 year old when we got home. And I'm still kinda pissed he didn't read me a bed time story as he tucked me in for my nap. And I still think he hugged the middle line too much while he was driving my Chevy Avalanche.

But eh, that's just the opinion of a woman drunk on Orange Doom. PS - I passed the glucose test. No gestational diabetes for me! ~ D. F. Krieger

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Kimberly Gould said...

Glad the test results were good. Husbands understand, or they wouldn't still be husbands. LOL