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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Shiny Old New Things

With everything going on, I've not updated in awhile. Secret Cravings, who also published some of my works like To Honor, closed a couple of months ago. This leaves Evernight as the only publisher I'm still published through. Between rewrites, re-releases, writing new books, and having a baby, I'm a little behind on sharing.

So let's start:

The Old Is New
Red As a Rose and His Prey are back on the markets. I self published them through Amazon. His Prey, my Native American (pre-settlers) shifter story is surprising me. It's my best seller out of my self published work so far. That poor book didn't sell worth a darn at a publisher, and now it's selling copies daily. Red As a Rose also has experienced some rewrites, and I cleared up some issues previous reviewers were discussing in reviews. (See, some of us authors listen ;) )

The Shiny New

I've started releasing a new series called the Risque Confessions series. I'm not sure how much of a readership it'll have, but it's a subject that touched my heart. As I wrote in an interview when I initially released the first book, "The idea that once you are married, the romance is supposed to naturally die away--I hate that. It's not true. I remember thinking, 'Surely there's more to marriage than co-existing' and people would say, 'That's just how it is.'  No, that's not just how it is. That's simply what we're settling for."

This series is probably the realist thing I've written since To Honor. Real marriage issues, and no magical solutions. I love writing these stories. Even if they never get a best seller sticker, they are going to remain one of my favorites. They are relatively short reads, and only .99 cents. So far I've released two:  Whispered Desires, and Rekindled Desires. A third book, Defiant Desires, is currently being written. I have several more plotted out, that I plan to write and release over the next couple of years.

The Coming Soon

As I'm sure you can tell, I've actually been rededicating myself to being an author and not just an editor. Between releases and re-releases, I've put out four books since March, and have many others in the works. As mentioned, Defiant Desires is coming, and the beautiful ladies in this one will be sure to have you turning the pages. I've a dark romance anthology titled Love My Darkly I'm currently writing that I'd like to release in February. I can't wait to reveal the cover for it. And my NaNo project? Abduction Agreement is begging for release. I'm not sure 50k will be enough to let the heart and soul of this book shine--good thing I'm allowed to write more than that. And Red As a Rose fans...another book from that universe is weaving together too. You can check the back of the new release of Red for a sneak peek of Siren Song Seduction.

The Other News

My daughter, Katarina, born in July, is doing great. She's now a four month old, very happy baby. Her brothers love her so much, and the cats think she's okay--as long as she's not kicking them in the face when they try to snuggle me while I'm holding her. Krieger Kreations, my editing business, is doing pretty awesome too. My client list keeps growing every month, and I'm booking like crazy for the next few months.

 Life was scary there for awhile, but it's working out. ~ D. F. Krieger

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David Krieger said...

Super Proud of the work you are doing. Keep it up sweetheart.