D. F. Krieger

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Abduction Agreement Teaser Excerpt

    “My, aren’t you a fiery beauty?” The soft, purring voice behind me caused me to spin around in surprise. A woman stood there, dressed in casual blue jeans and a red shirt. What appeared to be rubies hung from her ears and draped around her throat. Her heart-shaped face, accented by dark, curling hair, held an amused smile. “Is it true what they say about redheads?” she asked.

   “Depends on what you’ve heard,” I responded, lifting an eyebrow.

  Her smile turned seductive as she crossed her arms over ample breasts. “Many things. All of which I’d love to test. Are you game, or is your Master exclusive and simply doesn’t collar you?”

 “M-master?” I sputtered. “I belong to no one. Especially not a man.” Just the thought turned my stomach. I didn’t hate men, but the concept of being attracted to or controlled by one had absolutely no appeal for me.

   “So you are interested in women, though? Fascinating... Do you have a sub, yet? I don’t mind playing switch for the right woman.” Her eyes, a beautiful sapphire, glinted with obvious excitement.

   Heat burned my face as I desperately tried to find the right response. The woman standing before me was easily the most gorgeous woman I’d ever seen. To hear she was a lesbian, or at least bi, seemed like something from a dream. But what she wanted, I couldn’t give her. “I’m... I don’t...”

   “I’m sorry, Mistress Delilah. This is my sister, Paige. She doesn’t participate in the lifestyle,” Brandi said, appearing beside me with perfect timing.

   Mistress Delilah’s expression fell and disappointment emanated from her. “What a shame,” she responded. “I would have liked to play with you.”

Coming December 31st


Michele-Marie Bear said...

Will there be more Mistress May I books

D. F. Krieger said...

Thanks for asking. There certainly will. Surrender Agreement, Book II, will be coming in early 2017.

Anonymous said...

Any idea when in 2017? I loved this book

Tierra Smith said...

Can't wait for part 2. I haven't found any other books that grasped me the way their story did Or characters like Delilah and Paige