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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Coming In Hot Tour: Elianne Adams

Hello Readers,
I have another post to fill your time from the Coming In Hot box set.  And of course I kidnapped—ahem—I mean coerced (okay, that probably doesn’t sound better) a fellow author in the set to tell us their secrets.
Hey Élianne, tell us your secrets! Which one of you did I manage to trap this time, and what sexy succulence did you stick in Coming In Hot?
Hi Deadra, thank you so much for having me! I’m so excited to be a part of this amazing set, you have no idea! My story in the Coming in Hot set is called Burn Deep. It’s a sexy phoenix shifter story that’s full of heat and passion and a whole lot of naughtiness. I really pushed the boundaries a little in this one, so I hope readers will love it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Was there anywhere naughty your characters did the thing? Was it based off anything you wanted to try? Or are you a sweet lil vanilla?
The naughtiest place Draven and Cortney get busy is on the side of a country road. Who knew riding a motorcycle during the mating craze would loosen inhibitions so much?
As for whether or not it’s something I would have liked to try? Hell yes! Who doesn’t think about doing something a little risqué now and again? Now if I could just find a phoenix shifter to take me riding on the back of his bike, I’d be all set.

If you had unlimited access to blank, you would do blank.
Oh, the possibilities!
If I had unlimited access to cash, I would buy a small lake in a beautiful area and have cottages build all around it for my family and friends. We could all get together, while still have enough space to keep from going crazy. ;)
If I had unlimited access to all the books in the world, I would die a happy woman, indeed.
If I had unlimited access to time, I would keep doing these all day long! Unfortunately, books don’t write themselves, so I have to keep moving to the next question.

What is the weirdest experience that ever happened to you?
Okay, so, I’m going to try to make this short and sweet, but well, yeah, I tend to prattle on, so bear with me. Hopefully, by the time I’m done, it’ll be clear, and I won’t leave everyone scratching their heads. lol
So this happened a long time ago. I was a teenager and still living with my parents. We lived in an old house, and I swear to you, the thing was haunted. Anyway... when I was old enough to get a job, I earned some money, and, with the help of my parents, renovated my room. Originally, my bedroom closet had a panel/door at the back of it that was the only access to our side attic. (Spooky, right? *shudder*) So as we renovated my room, my dad blocked off that entrance to the attic and moved it to a storage room.
A couple of weeks later, I had a dream. It was weird, but not frightening in the least. In my dream, there was a boy running around in the house. He was playing around and dashed from one room to the next. He ran through my room, right into my closet, and then disappeared through the wall where that old opening use to be.
And of course, being in a dream, I followed him. What I saw when I got into the attic was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen in my life. I wasn’t in the attic at all. I was in a field filled with wildflowers. As far as the eye could see in every direction, nothing but beautiful flowers. The boy was nowhere to be found. All I remember was this profound sense of peace and tranquility.
When I woke up the next morning, I went on with my day as usual. In fact, I’d all but forgotten my beautiful dream, until one day, a few weeks later, I heard my mom talking to my sister in our kitchen. She was telling her about a boy and a field. When I questioned her about it, she recounted the same dream; only she had followed from her room, and into the same old attic door in my room.
As weird as it was, that feeling of peace still makes me smile each time I think of it.

Tell us a secret about yourself. Shhhh, we promise not to share. Right, Readers?
A secret about myself… hmmm… I could go with the usual “I hate bugs” *and I do, especially earwigs*, but I’ll give you something a little juicier instead. I’m a people pleaser type personality. I can’t stand strife, and don’t ever want anyone to be angry/upset with me. Although I can’t claim to be a total submissive type (I’m too headstrong for that), I do tend to lean more that way than not. Thankfully, most people don’t use that to get what they want from me.
What is the most childish pastime indulgence you have?
Ha! This one is easy. I love playing the old video games that came out when I was a kid. I’m totally going to age myself here by saying that I loved playing Donkey Kong, and Space Invaders. Thankfully, my hubby is happy to play along with me.

Do you ever consider writing a different genre? Or do you have a pen name you’d be willing to share that writes a different genre?
I don’t have a different pen name—yet—but I might set one up if I ever finish writing the Sci-Fi Romance stories that are constantly nagging at me to get written. I have one Sci-Fi Romance that is about 80% written, and another that is begging to get done, so it may happen sooner rather than later. But first, I have to wrap up my PNR series.

Okay, Readers, I better return this author back to the wild before the authorities catch on. Élianne, before you go, you have to pay the toll. Give the readers an excerpt!

Between the vibration of the motor and her chest pressed against Draven’s back, it was all Cortney could do to keep from moaning by the time they hit the highway. It was a nice day, but not crazy hot. She shouldn’t be so warm on the back of the bike, but her whole body felt as though tiny flames licked at her skin. The sensation stole her breath and had parts of her—parts she now found impossible to ignore—throbbing.
Her heart beat faster, and she struggled to keep her hands where they were. She became more restless with each passing minute. When she adjusted her arms and her hands found a small strip of Draven’s exposed skin just above the waistband of his jeans, she should have moved it right away, but she didn’t.
Draven stiffened but kept the bike steady. “Are you doing okay back there?” he asked, his voice a little deeper than before.
Cortney wanted to say yes. She needed to prove to both of them that she could resist the sexual pull between them, but they’d barely been on the road for a half an hour. If the sensations rushing through her grew much more intense, she’d either come right there on the bike with him listening in, or she’d start tearing at his clothes. Already she had her thumb up under the hem of his shirt and was stroking his hot skin.
“I think I might need a bit of a break,” she said, her voice breathless.
“Hang on. We can get off the main road in just a minute.”
She didn’t try responding. Opening her mouth again at this point would have released the moan she was trying so hard to keep back. She just needed to get off the bike. To put some space between them for a few minutes. Then she could breathe, and the haze of lust making her crazy would dissipate. “Hurry,” she whispered as another wave of throbbing pulses washed over her.
He turned down a dirt road, slowing only enough to drive safely as he went around one bend, then another before pulling the bike to the side.
As soon as he gave her the okay, she was off the bike and practically sprinted away. Now that she wasn’t plastered against him, the air felt cool through her T-shirt, making her moan and her nipples pebble against the thin fabric.
“Just take a few deep breaths,” he said, still straddling the bike.
She flipped her visor up and followed his direction. In through her nose and out through her mouth. “It’s not working,” she said more to herself than to him when she’d done it a few times, and the need continued to build rather than fade.
He swung his leg over the bike and took a few steps toward her.
“No, stay where you are. I can’t be close to you right now.”
“I know you don’t want to hear this, but it won’t go away on its own,” he told her as he came closer still.
“Of course it will.”
“It won’t.” He stood before her and unfastened her helmet. Then placed it on the ground at their feet, before removing his own. “You need to come so the mating craze will ease off for a while.”
When Draven took his helmet off, his eyes glowed a bright amber. It was both mesmerizing and a little frightening. His dark hair stood on end, and she wanted to run her hands through it. Not to brush it into place, but to grip so she could kiss him—hard.
“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” she said, her voice barely above a whisper. She licked her lips, and her gaze flitted to Draven’s mouth.
He brought his hands to her hips and pulled her closer. Every inch of him was hard against her softer body. When his erection pressed against her belly, she moaned, and her eyes drifted shut.
“As much as I want to take you right here, right now, I won’t,” he whispered into her ear.
His lips at her earlobe had her breath hitching in her throat. “Why?” she asked, her tone more plaintive than it should have been.
He turned her in his arms, pulling her back flush against his chest. She didn’t fight the urge to sway against his body.
“Because you deserve more. You’re not sure about this yet—about me—and I’m not going to push you. But you should know, I’m not a saint. If you keep rubbing your ass against my cock like that, I may have a change of heart.”
Cortney stopped moving. Draven was right. She wasn’t ready for this. She had a career to get back to, but her body was going up in flames, and had no way of dousing the fires he ignited. She whimpered at the thought of riding again without relief.
“Will you let me take care of it for you?” he asked as he gripped her hips, his fingers digging into her through the material of her jeans.
“I don’t know…”
“We have two options. We could get back on the bike. I can take you faster and just listen to those sexy little sounds you were making again and hope I don’t wreck the bike when I hear you come behind me. I bet they get louder as you get closer to orgasm, don’t they?” He pressed his cock more firmly against her ass. “Or, you can stand there. I will stay behind you and keep all of my clothes on. I’ll only use my hands and my mouth as far as either will reach from where I stand. Once you’ve climaxed, we’ll get back on the bike and go again until you tell me to stop.”
She whipped her head around and looked at him over her shoulder. “I won’t need to stop again.”
“Then you’ll be more comfortable for the rest of the ride.”
She wanted to wipe his self-assured smile off his face, but right then, all that mattered was easing the throbbing between her legs so she could breathe again. “I won’t need this, or anything else for the rest of the month.”
“Then I guess I’d better make this one count. Pick your orgasm.”

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